On the boulders, the yellow fairies


As expected, the fairies were in the mainland of France on Saturday and the Champs-Élysées were very afraid of their worries. The roads were designated as a "non-departing division" with the authorities. This did not impede 8,000 yellow funds, according to the authorities, to go and disturb.
However, the exhibition of yellow leaves in Champ-de-Mars, far from the Eiffel Tower, was in a secure place. However, the partners decided to not listen to, and, Let's go out, for some, to find out that it was shown on the most beautiful way of the world, before he raised a complaint about the CRS reception. The following know: throwing scarlets, stomach gas, vehicle fires, banners, broken shop windows, holdings … In these areas, the collections were much more peaceful. But violence was also disturbing the situation of events, such as in Provence, Toulouse or northern France.
Where is this social conflict now due to high taxes according to the campaigners? Hard to say. Yesterday, there is a new call on livestock on social networking, a squirrel gathering of those yellow actors. A meeting will be scheduled next Saturday on the Champs Elysees. -Rithist. He is baptized act III. This time, the emblem of Emmanuel Macron who is up to date is abandoned. Just that. If the French State was sending every time to the objections of those who It would be necessary to arrange a president's choice every six months.
One is sure, the reductions and the decline of the junction and commercial areas continued this week. With the holidays procedure, it seems that the situation will even extend even more to its; link between yellow tartan and those that are moving. The capital of sympathy with transpiration by the French has already been on a # 39; adversely affected after a Saturday event in Paris. I'm not sure it's growing with a new decline.

Laurent Duraisin

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