On the day Denise Rosenthal introduced the person who used his surname to dislike TV and Scenes


Depending on the statistics, a sport that most people will have, Every football gathers in Chile football, rodeo and hopscotch.

However, one that is used is more and more, and does not need schools, stadium or courts. We will describe the hair that is a popular and ever-loved people who are very stressful

At this time, the singer and actress Denise Rosenthal had suffered from an opinion in the background, but she did not hear. In that summary – and a & # 39; judged by the statement – inherited, which he put in some way, the spirit of Paty Cofré.

Distribution of Instagram

Distribution of Instagram

In conversation with the program Someone needs to do de Radio Mòr, interpreter Fight in Balance She said she left a technician who asked her to "Denise Zorrental" quietly behind an event.

Distribution of Instagram

Distribution of Instagram

& # 39; Nis & # 39; He explained how the situation was: "(He) says a man to one of the technicians, ah, good, stay with the Denise Zorrental. And I listen to the hue, and Then I left the shop and said, what did you say? ".

In fact, the character & # 39; wide, and kept quiet, try to settle, not to achieve. Here right now.

The national artist has a good time to get excellent results with the latest one Fall on, those in their first place of responsibility YouTube Chile.

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