On the International Birth Day of Birthdays, everything that the mother needs to avoid childbirth


Dina Saleh

Saturday 17 November 2018 – 5:10 f
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Saturday 17 November 2018 – 5:10 f

It is today on November 17th on the International Day of Early Births, which aims to raise awareness of an early birth garden and the concerns about children born first and their families in the world, because these children are the largest part of sick children.

An International Early Birth Day was launched in 2011 with the Foundation for Neonatal Care, the Marsh of Dimes Foundation, the Little Big Soles International Foundation in Africa and the National Early Birth Trust, and from Then the day is celebrated in more than 50 countries.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) every year, 15 million people worldwide are pre-born over 37 weeks of movement, and this number is rising, with an early birth rate between 5% and 18% of global birth.
Early birth problems also depend on the death of almost 1 million children in 2015, a major cause of death among children under five.

Did not get a & # 39; first birth?

Everyday birth occurs on various causes, and her & her; Most cases of prejudice happen automatically, but there are some issues that occur; from induction or cesarean delivery, for medical or non-medical purposes.
The general causes of pre-school delivery include many fertility, diseases and continuing health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, but it is often not possible to identify the cause, and There may also be genetic influence.

On International Birthday Day of Children, "Shorouk" reviews everything in your care about early birth, the symptoms and prevention methods for protecting your baby from pre-birth, through our engagement with Dr. Hisham El Shaer, Obstetric Consultant and Gynecology.

The bard says that their first steps are to be properly judged for a & # 39; Reducing the degree of premature birth, which begins to & # 39; marks signs and medical examinations:

– Symbols delivered early in pain form in the low abdomen are similar to menstrual pain with uterine friction more than 4 times per hour and including pain in the pelvic area by & # 39; abolish secret and blood from the barrel.
– We may need to make tests such as sonar to ensure that the cervical length and the amount of amniotic climb around the complexity.
– We may also visit the pulse-pulse and CTG pedestal pathways to find out if the uterus bends or does not overshadow the complexity and sometimes ; visit the work of tests, such as trying to & # 39; using amniotic fluid or fibronectin FFN, material found between the fluid and uterus amniotic devices.
– The most important factor is the vaginal test, which gives us a picture of the width and thickness of the cervix and a statue of amniotic and secret fluid descent and blood from the whistle.

How does a pregnant woman deal with her & # 39; Is there a capacity to deliver in advance?

The Obstetric Adviser and Gynaeology confirm that the treatment method is in place; relies heavily on the condition of his / her mother, history of his / her; disease and the poorness of the situation, the continuation of the following medical guidelines:
1 – maternal comfort without both domestic or hospital-led hospital efforts on the most important ways to deal with critical diagnosis.
2 – alleviating some or less drugs; ban the uterus under the doctor's direction.
3 – Content "Cortisone" can greatly help to & # 39; Protecting fetus that is subject to birth, which helps to & # 39; finishing the mushroom of lungs.
4. Cervical connections may probably help to & # 39; reduction of premature birth.
5 – it may bring appropriate antibiotics to prevent any infection or blow to prejudice.
6. Ultimately, the use of birthdress and completion of the best solution is to avoid the risk of serious problems and to avoid further problems if there is a continuing problem and that it is best to give .

How does a pregnant woman avoid age-by-age and baby birth?

Dr. Hisham Al-Shaer identifies some ways to reduce and protect against premature birth, such as:
1 – there will be continuous improvement during pregnant months that can help some of the problems that are experiencing difficulties; leading to an early age, such as diabetes, depression and high blood pressure when pregnant and others.
2 – Finish the most vulnerable mothers to a pre-birth event
3. Raise mothers awareness of the dangers and prejudices.
4. Seach hard work and stand long and long while you are pregnant.
5 – There are some surveys that confirm the use of drugs with progesterone or its derivatives significantly; declining at birth.
6 – Finally, avoid some of the causes that may lead to early birth, such as cure anemia and stop smoking, alcohol and drugs and control the degree of blood sugar and maintain regular blood pressure mother and loss of weight.

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