On the war side: The Lajčák is a & # 39; threatened


Government breakdown! The United Nations Convention on Immigration is a popular interest in the Saacan politics. Miroslav Lajcak (55)'s view to the Foreign Affairs Minister and the author of the document is against the opinion of the document; party nominated for head of diploma.

Lajčák alerted them with notes and reminded himself that they wanted him to be the president on the one hand, but they refused his foreign policy. The long-standing diplomat has stood up and said the struggle could retire.

Lajčák participated in the process of drafting her & # 39; Joint Movement of Migration as President of the UN General Assembly. The document deals with issues related to the movement of people from countries, not exiles. seek help. For example, the Slovakian migration is abroad for work or study.

Lajčák and experts keep their own. Once again, this is only proof, not just a law-related text that requires us to change our immigration policy or accept quotes for refugees. "We are not pleased that populists, xenophobes and nationalists will have an impact on this issue that distributes rewards and misfortunes about this document. There is nothing else but to increase the population itself but a harmful way, " said Lajčák. He said politicians who play the games that play it; worried.

The spokesman is also a home critic. "They are built into an illegal person. Everyone is worried. Everyone who deals with a small bargaining home policy," Lajčák was angry. Fico, who sent Lajcak in his ministry and asks himself to be the head of state, not in accordance with the Slovakian immigration policy. "The Charter does not make the difference between legal and illegal migration and is based on the principle that migration is good, and helps to solve the problems of the world and be a source of success. But our different idea, " Fico said. Lajčák said in an unexpected situation: "If a MP in the National Council on the start of the Immigration Treaty, I may be able to resign . "

Chief Executive Open the gallery

Pellegrini wants time

The genre of Peter Pellegrini's words was surprised, but he still says he does not agree with the text of the case. "The Lord knows about these lines, so give him time," he said. The head of diplomacy comes from the polling bosses as the winner of the president's election but his / her; denying the claim.

According to the auditor Grigory Meseznikov, this Guidelines did not help the conviction. "It's hard to think they'd be pushed for the Lajcak and that he would then stand for the President with the help of the Smer. If, on the other hand, he had been struggling with Smer and then he stood for his & # 39; president – it would be a great style from him. They see him as an expert and even though Smer did not support him, he will be one of the strong candidates, "he said.

Miroslav Lajčák (named Smer-SD), foreign minister

– I do not intend to take migrants to Slovakia, and the document is not guided.

– Slovakia decides to go through xenophobia, that Slovakia can not be represented overseas. If I do not have the Trust, I can not be a minister.

– They play their games and these games are very funny for me. Because they are put wrong. It is not about this document. Everyone is worried. Everyone who deals with a small home policy is back.

Robert Fico

– The Charter is inconsistent with the Slovakian National Migration Policy. And it is also unsuitable for Guidance. It is legal unconnected, but politically it is a very powerful document.

The documents do not allow anyone to do anything

Tomas Jungwirth, Immigration Policy Inspector

There have been a number of crimes and wrongs, including the fact that the document is a; establishing human right to emigrate, is legally binding to make European states a duty to migrants from Africa and the Middle East. None of this is in the document.

This political document of a Member State does nothing in relation to recruitment policy and migration is still a sovereign right for all member states of the UN. The Charter should be seen as a list of instruments from which countries can sign a selection if they are developing; their immigration policy. So there are suggestions where the countries can take.

What is in the UN immigration contract?

  • The United Nations membership states agree on document 34 pages in September 2016
  • strengthening border protection and immigration rights
  • promoting police co-operation between nations
  • trafficking in humans, smuggling migrants
  • help in countries where people are to escape
  • it can not obstruct the jurisdiction of individual countries

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