Oncology – Smoking causes 85% of lung cancer cases


By eliminating smoking significantly, it is lower than the risk of lung cancer after 10 years of removal; and moreover, if it was not for its virus, there would not be things going on; This is a very low disease, Dr Isabela Rivas said to Efe.

"85% of these cancer cases are related to tobacco, although this figure has been reduced since 34% of the case was taken in wood fog," said an oncology medical manager for Roche Mexico.

Lung cancer, explained by the scientist, is changing the cells in the lungs that cause uncommon and normal work, which causes the lung device to attack and to Creating weaknesses in the organ.

"This can spread to other parts of the body, especially the brain," said Rivas.

That's why, in the world, it is the most common cancer and its first oncological reason; died. In one year, two million new issues are registered and 1.7 million people die.

In Mexico, there are 9,000 new cases each year and 22 Americans die every day because of their deaths. this case.

One of the factors that have led to an increase in the number of lung cancer cases is that more and more women are smoking, and these are at an early age.

"The problem is that eight in ten people reach advanced levels of the disease and that affect the number of deaths," said the expert . In addition, "there are no special symptoms, and that is why the doctor is beginning to treat the patient with cold, severe, antibiotics, and that will delay the & # 39; judgment, "he said.

Rivas explained that patient life expectancy is in the advanced five year years. "Only 4% of patients diagnosed in advanced levels are still alive after five years, the remainder will die between the first and second years of the disease , "he said.

However, in recent decades, lung cancer treatment has been excellent thanks to the development of new remedies that have improved chemotherapy nutrition levels.

New therapies

In Mexico, the scientist said that there is progress in accessing new cures and today there are different options for dealing with this cancer in advanced levels, and one of these is immunotherapy.

This type of medicine promotes the natural protection of the body, to fight to fight. "With this medicine patients will have long-term benefits. In clinical studies, at two years, 30% of patients are still alive. This has greatly changed the expectations and treatment of lung cancer," he said.

Other cure is aimed at patients who are not smoking or who have very little smoking, but that have an ALK gene change. "Usually, they are very young patients and women," he said.

The lung tumor with ALK is not rare, but with associated morbidity, from metastasis that occurs in the brain in 60% of cases.

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