One arrow, two deer Sport


When he is not trying to congregate at the United Pentecostal Church in Bourbon, Ind., Pastor Mark Cottrill is a " deer stalking.

He is killed in the 30-year-old deer and has been in Indiana hunting, but he has been killed. He had his knowledge on October 27 only that very few firms can apply.

He went to the woods late that evening and put his bucket beside a tree. Unlike some of the best hunting hunters from a tree center, Cottrill likes to go to # 39; sit on the ground.

"I have always done that," he said. "I'm completely lost. I do not want to grow up in trees and I like to hunt on the ground. I feel it's a challenge bigger. "

He is not a Hunting Runner in Cottrill. His family breathes bitter and takes two or three deer each year.

"Indeed, if there's a great reward, I'll really give it," he said.

That evening was a pair that went into his area. He looked carefully and decided that he would give the most of both if the opportunity was given.

"They looked right at me and I did not move until they put their heads down," he said. "I raised my bow cross into the place and I stayed until they got closer."

Amazingly, the deer were found in 20 yards and moved parallel to presenting the picture correctly. One of them looked away and the biggest dance was closer to her; look down.

He aimed at the lungs and dropped the arrow feather. When he hit, the two deer were reprimanding and hit one on the ground. Cottrile made another arrow and stayed.

But something was not right.

When he was looking at his & # 39; Deer was dead where he was sitting, he was aware of the arrow that was shaken from a deer neck. He was sure he aimed at the lungs and where the arrow hit.

"I thought I could get two deer with one shooting, but I did not cut it off," he said.

But when he left to the & # 39; dead deer, he found the arrow tied in the smaller neck of the two and the whole arrow was bloody.

"I knew my arrow needs to go through the biggest deer and hit the smallest," he said.

Cottrill raised the blood and found the other dance about 70 yards away.

And yes, it is lawful, because he was allowed to let him go; burn one duck and two pages.

"It was told me that it is more often happening with fire hunters but very rare for an arrow," said Cottrill. "God's sweetheart for me to get those two deer."

He hunts every season, but he's the best archery season.

"It's so beautiful in the forest at the time of a bow and peaceful," he said. "Even if I do not see deer, it's an amazing way to get rid of everything and enjoy nature."

Despite this, he has not been hunting and is expected to be in the # 39; wood for the opener of a weekend gun season.

"My family, my son and grandchildren, eat many deer," he said. "I find it in sweets and snacks. It's good for you."

As part of the sport in deer hunting, he said, you do not know what you see or do.

Including to & # 39; getting two deer with one eye.

Deer tests

DNR Indiana will establish additional disease surveillance stations in the north east and northwest of Indiana this weekend to gather examples of deer hunting for crude disease (CWD) infections.

The monitoring stations are open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET Saturday and Sunday at Fish and Fish Districts (FWAs) and partner businesses.

CWD sampling includes & # 39; Removing lymph nodes from deer neck just under the head. Any deer harvested within CWD monitoring areas 1.5 years or over can be investigated. Submit samples for voluntary CWD exams.

Hunters are interested in deering inside the areas of scrutiny; Currently CWD exams can now send samples directly to Laboratory Diagnostic Disease Diagnostic (ADDL) for a piece. Hunters can insert lymph nodes or whole heads. Further information and application form is available on the ADDL website at

CWD is a bad neurologic illness and a; affecting deer-tail deer, moss, deer, and geese. Although it has been associated with deer and wildlife in the past, CWD is also found in red deer in a number of Midwestern states near Indiana, including Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin. So far, all deer sampling in Indiana have been crucial for CWD.

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