ONE Competition: Angela Lee open to a permanent run up to too heavy


Angela Lee is open to move permanently to stroke weight

If it is going on as I think it will and I will add fine performance and vandalize it, perhaps I will stay in this weight section. "- Angela Lee

Introducing an Atomweight World Premier League Angela Womens 'Unstoppable' Lee has the chance to become the world's first female singer in the history of the ONE competition when she opposes Xiong Jing Nan for the title of Oion. ONE Scottish Strawweight World Championship: New Time Sunday, 31 March in Tokyo, Japan.

The first wife will have their wives, Lee, moving up in weight to challenge Xiong. According to Lee, this may be a permanent move, according to what happens in the fighting.

"It depends on the results of this fight. If it goes as I think it will go and I put on beautiful performance and cause it to damage, I might stay in this pressure category," Lee shared with ABS-CBN Sports.

"But it is very likely to want to go down to an atom and to try both sections," said Lee.

In ONE's history, only two soldiers in Martin Nguyen and Aung La N Sang have been second world winners.

Nguyen won the ONE Featherweight World Championship after Marat Gafurov was disqualified, and then pushed the world off with a KO pledge to the Lightweight Light World Championship from Eduard Folayang, Manila back in 2017.

Nguyen left again after the ONE Lightweight World Championship due to lack of activity. On the light strap, Nguyen was successfully defended against Christian Lee back in 2018, and is to defend the title again against the old Narantungalag Jadambaa championship in Manila on 12 April.

Aung La N Sang missed the previous defeat to Vitaly Bigdash to enter the ONE Middleweight World Championships back in 2017, and then beat Alexandre Machado for the 2018 Empty champion at Trom Great. T

The starred in Marblemar has been successfully defending the middle strap twice and is to be defended from Ken Hasegawa also at ONE: A New Era. He is still defending the heavy crown, but could be put forward later this year after he sent OO out as Brandon's Great Heavyweight World "The Truth". "Vera took the challenge last year.

If Lee could conquer on Sundays, she finds out that she is a wonderful companion and in an interesting situation in her post.

If she decides to stay at stress level, she fights with bigger and heavier opponents compared to what she has been to the fat of women.

A permanent movement to a weight of weight will also mean that the throne becomes vacant, opening opportunities for the rest of the region.

"I'm not sure, I'll have to see after the battle," Lee added.

Before worrying about the future, Lee will have to deal with it today in the form of Xiong Jing Nan on a Sunday.

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