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(Dan Viet) Dong Thap's beauty – Huynh Vy, who had an amazing man 86-58-100 (cm).

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Beautiful Huynh Vy has a huge fan of 86-58-100

Last October, the Dong Thap – Huynh Vy, Miss Tourism Queen Worldwide – Miss Tourism World 2018 will be held in the Philippines. Her beautiful scenery, with a height of 1m70, is a 49kg and three-foot weight of the size of 86-58-100.

To get the right measure before the international test starts, Huynh Vy needs to go through an ongoing year-long training process. She said: "I use yoga and yoga every day, which includes 3 yoga sessions, 3 school centers and every week, 3 year yoga sessions, and 1 year of yoga. "

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An image shows the knitting movement

Huynh Vy in particular should aim to make the third visit effective after several months of use. Previously, a magnitude of round 3 of the beautiful Dong Thap is not at a height of 93cm, it is currently 1 meter. Its move is to rapidly develop around 3 times and try with weights and weights.

With tumbling dumbbell, Huynh Vy does not have a heavy weight but a 12kg weight. She made four households, with each one with 30 steps stretching. But, because this move is very heavy, so Huynh Vy advised that the new practice should not be involved, avoid damage to health damage. She can not do herself with this exercise because it is easy to lose. It did only about 2 hours a week, as well as connecting other things with the weights.

More of the flowers from an area of ​​1 1 meter IUD surface taped ribbons Picture 3

Huynh Vy is gutted with weights to improve the measure of around 3

In terms of diet, Huynh Vy ate lots of meat and poultry, especially after each training session. Beef contains a lot of protein, good for the development of the seagulls, and very little cholesterol, which can be treated in a variety of foods to eat. In addition, Huynh Vy's food also includes salmon, brownberry and oats.

Thanks to the principal of training, eating how Huynh Vy got a true body.

More of the flowers from an area of ​​1 1 meter IUD surface topped ribbons Image 4

Face to the side is a 5-dimensional three-dimensional star-shaped star

Many people praised Huynh Vy's body of singing

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Thanks to three beautiful walks, Huynh Vy won the Miss Body Beautiful Award at her international beauty record

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