One of the best games in Battlefield to date


Battlefield received a global recommendation from critics.Battlefield received a global recommendation from critics.

As it jumped in the German tank tank and British Spitfire piloting to give the churches and build new buildings. This is the Second World War, because he can only paint V BattleSouth Westerly Battle V, won a new game in the award winning strings, today he presents DICE, a studio at Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA). During the early period, the game was the largest number of new PC licenses in Origin Access Premier and Origin Access Basic. V Battle they received a global recommendation from critics, as Screen Rant wrote "the best hunting game in 2018", and believes that "king's first owner's belongings have come back."

"With its game V Battle We decided to create the best play experience in the history of the series. There are only a few games that can create amazing and non-moving items as a safe way just by the bridge you find in the game V BattleIn the late afternoon, we wait to see what will happen V Battle come into our community hands, "he said Oskar Gabrielson, General Director of DICE Studio"We have also decided to create a game that will grow and develop over time. We will continue to deal with games mechanics and create new experiences for our players' community for a long time big. "

V Battle allows fans to experience hidden stories and visit unexpected places of World War II. In a multi-player range, DICE has developed the most profound and most profound knowledge of the Battle game, as it is make a great change to the play experience and the development of new major systems. Despite at least one of the armed vehicles or aircraft, you can connect to up to three other players and, depending on the needs of your team, choose between a scot post , challenging, nurse or support class. Players can prepare for battle in eight recordings and eight multiplayer modes and learn new innovations in training campSouth Westerly

In one player mode V Battle Again to include war stories, which are known by the game Battle 1 and show different people who are meet hard war in months that are similar to the series Battle. Players will experience the war in the eyes of men and women who helped to change the world for hidden stories about human drama. You fight as a Norwegian rebel in the & # 39; Nordlys chapel (northern galaxy), a Senegalian member of the French colony forces in the Tirailleur (soldier), or British criminal chapters, as a member of the unique naval forces, seeking provision in the chapter Under any flag.

Will be 4 December V Battle chapter 1Overture. This is the first chapter of the Tides of War online service. All new chapters are free of charge by changing craft devices, a growing world, new experiences and developments on the Internet. game so that new Battlefields players get each time. The first chapter will be & # 39; including a new solo warfare story with the title & Last Tiger & # 39; a new tank that marks Panzerstorm tanks, a range of training, and a chance for players to play on; battle to stand up with tanks and special planes.

Chapter 2: An electronic strike that combines Associated Army and Conquest Rush and Squad processes. 3 March will be donated: fire baptism, which will bring the Battle Royale to the name Firestorm and a new package set up in Greece. The first chapters are followed by a number of experiences with which the nursery grows steadily.

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