One of the new jobs in the Rainbow Six Siege is that they are very uncomfortable


Rainbow Six Siege will continue to expand by the end of the year with the introduction of a new Operation Wind Bastion map and two additional Operators. After playing around three hours of the new DLC season, I can confidently say that Nomad and Kaid are both fun to play in. play, but one of them is a big problem for the developer's Ubisoft.

Nomad, an invasion, is already a good place. Her main tools will come together with a device that will; launching mines near power. When the opponent arrives, the mines will be able to go. putting all enemies back and out of their feet. Challenging players can not use their weapons for a short time, and they need to get back before they can attack or move again. The mines can be used hard to protect your feathers or to attack enemies, and are effective in achieving both goals. However, essentially, there are very special situations that are essential for its ability to use its highest potential – use it at the wrong place and its power will not make much difference. The balance, then, seems to have been hit easily.

The new defender, Kaid, on the other hand, has questions. It has Electroclaws, a stick-shaped device that selects an unlimited number of mythical objects within a small radius, and Feeling they have a great impact on them, especially since they give an old machine completely without point. Why would someone choose Bandit and its four wires – can move four reinforcements or move a whole use – when they can choose Kaid and their three Electroclaws, It could be interesting, could it take nine things, especially to include sticks? And because the Electroclaws is so small and can be added at any height, it will make its & quot; find and destroy them very hard for attackers.

That is before you reach even its strong page, which SMG offers a fast-standing AUG or steam-powered steam, as well as a bend of high power bass. This machine is in line with three Kaid weapons, one speed that makes it an incredible anchor. Ubisoft has tried to balance its balance by involving delay before the electroclaws is active, and & # 39; means that fast-haul players can remove Hibana 's slow attacks before stopping them, but you can not do the same to the fastest thermal costs. However, it is a small problem for a very powerful operator. Nerfs need to come soon after launching – or even before the test server community reports similar reactions – or the dangers of Kaid's prejudice to Hibana, Thermite, Bandit, and Mute.

In the singing of the story, Kaid is a Nomad teacher in the special forces of NHSR Morocco. A new game map, Fortress, is also Moroccan, and I'm pleased to say that this is – a technical term here – banger. With a large roofed roof area that allows invaders to come up above, it helps enemy teams to be immensely defensive. Despite the large size of Gearastine, then, it's a & # 39; offers a welcome recreation trip to the area, claustrophobic, density, and identity of the Chessist in the first year.

A Wind-shaped Bastion is about to be, usually with the closure of the Siege DLC, an amazing extension that will; Welcoming her schedule. Nomad should go quickly with the rest of a 46-strong line now, and Forty is a great new map that's a great deal. offers a good taste of an old Siege to accompany the heroes from North Africa. However, Kaid needs to be very hard in the coming weeks to avoid the simple balance of the Siege.

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