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The researchers have found, through the study of a family as they are called, a person whose statue has a DNA profile instead of the effect. Detective Inspector Henry Jansén tells the radio channel that it is not certain that the person is the crime.

– It doesn't need to be the right person, but his sister's DNA is like the dead person, he says.

On 19 October 2004 a boy killed eight years of age and a 56 year-old woman in the middle of the Linköping residence. The murderer left the DNA footprints in the blood of the knife and blood in a curp he threw through the shield.

It will be next week

Family research can be found in the force's DNA archive, which is used to detect suspected offenders by relatives who may be licensed from 1 January this year.

At the NFC, the National Forensic Center, a pilot project has also begun to see if the commercial DNA databases in the world have the genealogy of alternatives to getting serious offenders. The murder is double in Linköping as one of the issues that the NFC manages within the project framework.

The one now found will be done at a high level next week, according to P4 Östergötland.

Here the double murder took place.


Issues where the police use family research

Some topical issues where family research in the police DNA record was used or should be used: t

Murder in a clothing store in Gothenburg October 2005: A woman who worked in the shop was murdered. The police think that it's the woman active and that he carried out a family research into DNA that is thought to be coming from the dead. The family visit 92 visits, which have now been analyzed in more detail.

A double murder in the Linköping in October 2004: A boy killed eight years and a 56-year-old woman in a residential area. The researchers have provided thousands of people with DNA samples, but as a result of family studies on the DNA table, there are now around 30 people who will be examined more closely.

Childhood massacre in Kungsängen 2002: A dead baby girl is found in a piece of clothing at a sub-surface.

Murder was sunk at Visby in December 1996: A female receptionist was attacked and killed by a bolt scissors.

Raigmore Police Bill raids at Raigmore Hospital in September 1995. He attacked an eight-year-old girl who was on her way home from Billdal school south of Gothenburg. It was time to be circulated, but as a result of family research, a suspected person was arrested earlier in March. The man is also examined for murder in Gothenburg in 1994, but at this time there is no DNA for analysis.

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