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Move up and frost

Throughout Thang Long avenue, the route that connects Hanoi to Hoai Duc center, a series of projects that are going to be a great deal. hanging her pretty quiet table today. It is a grassy hill, abandoned houses, the generous state-of-the-art situation of this area.

Most of the urban area in the Hoai Duc area was completed in particular by local authorities to pay for money to pay money, to reserve and deliver money to the a deposit from 2005-2008.

Bills of abandoned towns (Photograph: Tuan Linh)

Bills of abandoned towns (Photograph: Tuan Linh)

The "bubble" fever in 2007, a series of businesses was poured into the "earth" project Hoai Duc. Reservoirs have said that this area will have a significant growth rate when it comes to Hanoi, and thanking the design that is located in the city; new "new" west; It benefits the transport infrastructure, and its connection to the # 39; Main traffic axis such as Highway 32, Thang Long Highway, …

However, in fact, a series of "Big Brothers" investment projects remain unfinished, on the ruins. Even so, many projects and projects in this area are seen as a "ghost" project due to a person who is not far away from home.

Usually the Nam An Khanh (Hoai Duc, Hanoi) urban area with a total area of ​​288.8ha with a total investment of VND2,600 billion, invested by Song Da Urban & Industrial Investment and JSC Development) as a reservoir.

Thang Long Avenue properties are considered to be a "money" of investors. During the period 2004-2005, this project was defined as Paradise of Life, or the villa's products, which are here to be worn on the # 39; market with prices up to 50-60 million VND / m2 without including & # 39; cash difference &

The Van Canh regional project is invested by a Homeland Housing Development and Development (HUD), with a total area of ​​68.5 hectares and a population of 13,190 with a total of one of the total urban areas including: houses, international houses, shopping center centers, rented office and flats designed in accordance with modern architecture space …

Thousands of billions frozen in a direct estate (Photograph: Tuan Linh)

Thousands of billions frozen in a direct estate (Photograph: Tuan Linh)

The other Kim Chung – Di Trach is a space of over 140 hectares, with a population of 23,000, is invested by Vietracimex Construction and Trading Corporation, with prices up to 50- VND 60 million / m2 in 2006-2007 when he has not come to Hanoi.

Dang slow progress

In fact, these projects are "estates" for decades, you can explain two words "ruined". The project is vacant, nobody lives as ghost buildings. There are investors on the capital bonus, the merchant also paid a lot of money to get home.

Nam An Khanh Sudico project was usually implemented long but many things are too slow. It is the result that the project has grown or no space due to lack of infrastructure.

Investor Sudico has named the transfer of land use rights for TCD with the tariff value of up to 900 billion, the total value of a 2,100 billion contract. Sudico raised land use rights to HH2D with a VND263 billion bill value, and transferred land use rights to MB with a VND202 billion bill value.

Likewise, HUD has moved to the urban area of ​​Van Canh, near 4ha land-villa and houses near this project for the Tasco General Stock Company (HUT), with a total value of 410 billion.

In addition, HUD also added 9,920m2 of land in the urban area of ​​Van Canh to JSC (Acrylic Land) for the construction of new buildings with sections 29-33, with about 1,200 luxury rooms. main project road.

The houses millions of dollars (Photo: Tuan Linh)

The houses millions of dollars (Photo: Tuan Linh)

In the Spendora project, 50% of Posco E & C were moved to JSC Phu Long. Splendora was allowed in 2008 with a total area of ​​land under the latest update of 272 hectares. The total capital of its project is about $ 2.5 billion and is expected to be a typical urban area in western Hanoi.

There are a number of processes that make modifications to change the design to keep them running; action: the urban area of ​​Thinh; Mac an Eilein Area; Hoang Kim – Van Canh Project; Tay The urban area of ​​Khanh; Duc Giang Petroleum Town District; Yen Phu urban district; Mai Linh District District …

At the same time, the projects that have been completed are inconscious. Lideco North, 32 local development developers Tu Liem, the Development of U.S., are based in the Tram Troi town center on 38ha, and it is considered that this area is the most fierce urban area in this area, after many years of use. Only a few families live. The European style houses remain green, the grass is suffering from suffering.

Likewise, Kim Chung-Di Trach, the smell of laughter that hundreds of billions of people are tied in places of derelict houses lying innocent in the middle of a wild seaweed field.

Garden houses, the museum have built some of the projects. However, over the years, people have not passed, grass and # 39; grow beyond the obstacles around the project.

Theo Duy Anh

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