One vote for young people is very important Ma Ying-jeou is a memorial to Huang Minhui election campaign 9-a-1 | Today's NOWnews News


▲ Former President Ma Ying-jeou went to Chiayi for the Huang Minhui stage six times, and appealed to Chiayi youths to return to their town to vote for Huang Minhui. (Picture / photo Qiu Jiaqi statue, 2010.11.19)

In the final step before the election, Huang Minhui, candidate of Kuomintang Chiayi's Chief Executive, tried to go over. The old president Ma Ying-jeou went to Chiayi for the Huang Minhui platform six times. In the 19th film "Chiayi Chiayi" news conference, Huang said that Chiayi would fight for the economy with the top 100 top-sized shops, using economic growth, and young people allow huge money in Chiayi. The young people decide in the future for themselves and apply to the children of Chiayi everywhere. Remember to return home and vote for the right one.

With just four days left on the polling day, on the 18th, Huang Minhui's campaign headquarters on the image film "Future Chiayi City". With the theme of "100 main brands that fight for economy and 100 kinds of joy in Chiayi," young people from all walks of life were encouraged to return to the country to vote. Ma Ying-jeou, who was the president of the Huang Minhui Chiayi platform, in the last four years, said that the governing party has killed the number of tourists, but Baile Chiayi is town with great potential, cultural heritage and certification to become a commercial burgh. Under the direction of Huang Minhui, Baile Chiayi is an egg accommodation of Yunjianan Life Circle. Significant signs will continue to enter the market. The Chiayi local motto is also promoted to the whole country. People who make huge profits and improve their quality of life and become a great shill. Town.

Huang Minhui commented that his long-term political ideas have 100% taken out, and has successfully attracted investment. In the future, young people should not get a good life in Chiayi, but also the young people from Yunjian who come to Chiayi for employment. The main companies will fight for the economy, regenerate with the economy, and creating a user life cycle in Nanchanghua and Beitainan, and construction of Chiayi as the new capital of Taiwan to the west.

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