One would come back with the landlords when a terrible and straightforward prison journey took place & # 39; $ 175K from B.C. gov


An B.C. the government was ordered to pay $ 175,000 at least a person who was convicted by a number of residents in a "terrifying" journey about the Oakalla Prison eighty years ago.

The victim, known with the first letters of B.S.S. in court documents, just a teenager when he had to visit the Burnaby jail in the late 1970s. One of the time was to prove one of the terms for breaking and entering – a kind of "terribly straightforward" conviction, the judge said to his parents.

He confirmed what happened again when he appeared in B.C. High Court earlier this year.

Now 54, B.S.S. to confirm that a jail is & # 39; Protected "caught" when he reached Oakalla, and brought him to a cell where a group of residents were waiting. The men tried to try to & # 39; played oral sex and then brought it back, according to court documents

He said the arm was standing at the door, laughing, long & as he was involved in sex. When he was all, B.S.S. The guard told him to face his wall and said, "that's a bit like you."

Prior to its demolition, Oakalla Prison passed Deer Lake Park in Burnaby. (B.C. Ministry of Justice)

In judgment given on Tuesday, Jennifer Duncan Justice received B.E.S. Indeed, Oakalla's genre attacked a number of attacks, and thanked unrecognized correction officer actions.

"The department is highly susceptible to the actions of the unidentified officer," Duncan wrote, and presented B.E.S. $ 150,000 in damages and $ 25,000 for the cost of future care, in addition to its legal costs.

"A single incident in BES's generic invasion was brutal, and I assume that it has a daily impact on adult to adult, "said the judge.

She said that the prize could grow in the coming weeks – specific and punitive damage will be placed at another court date, but it is recorded.

Was a renowned celebration involved?

But the judge rejected B.A.S. Roddy David MacDougall, an official of the long-term prisoner convicted of generous enterprises against residents, who were the responsibility of the defendants. Over the years, twelve civil assaults were recorded against MacDougall for their detriment to prisoners.

When B.E.S. He sent out his own lawsuit and gave MacDougall as an officer in charge of his incident.

But the lawyer did not have much evidence of that, but MacDougall is only convicts of criminal offenses at Oakalla at the time of the attack.

"It is clear that the BES evolution was aware of Mr MacDougall through a consultant he had seen. BS agreed that he was Mr MacDougall, support officer, based on information from his councilor, "Duncan wrote.

Childhood was happy & the victim before the attack

B.S.S. grew up in Coquitlam and a "normal and happy" youth was in the years before the time of a prison, according to his / her judgment.

His life then began when he started the middle school in Level 8, and made new friends. When he was 13 or 14, he and some of his friends broke home to dare. They were watching television and drinking orange orange from the inventor.

He was not a successful listener. The police came to the scene almost immediately and put everyone in custody and sent them home to their wild parents. B.S.S. is banned from hanging out with a & # 39; group of friends.

His parents agreed to a tour of Oakalla as part of their sentence for their filing.

Oakalla closed its doors in 1991 to make a place for housing development. (B.C. Ministry of Justice)

The court heard that the youth tour program in Oakalla was not between the years 1978 and 1981 and the tours were different from a child to a child, depending on how well it was; was the management protection. Teenagers were locked in dark lonely cells, named by cats with residents and including other types of misuse.

"The foregoing features of an educational program are incredibly terribly in today's context, where there is a greater awareness that there is general aggression, and in the face of children in particular, An extremely social problem, "Duncan wrote the judgments.

The incidence of ongoing psychology

In a case of a SSA, he built a female probation officer at home and sent him to his prison, where he brought out to the unidentified garden.

He sent him home again after the attack, and he does not know what happened. B.S.S. saying he did not tell anything about the attack.

The attack left bleeding and in pain for at least a week. He did not talk about what happened to his parents or friends, and he broke all his personal relationships, according to his decision.

In the decades since the invasion, B.S.S. has been suffering from an aggression of conflicts after disturbance, disorder of personality, depression, worry, self-consciousness and suffering to cocaine.

Oakalla Prison closed its doors in 1991 and was demolished to make a place for housing development.

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