One year of cure was wrong for him


The Nova Gorica District Court is the late Stevo Petrović family, who died from lung cancer, after receiving medication remedies by antibiotics at Šempeter Hospital for a year, he will pay £ 50,000 of money.

New Gorica District Court decided to make an unreasonable professional error, reciting Primorske novice and Slovenija TV. The relatives of the deceased are from the General Hospital. Franc Derganc in Šempeter pri Gorici asked a fine award of 354,000 euros and the 50,000 court received. It follows from the judgment that Petrović's remedies were irresponsible, unprofitable and opposed to regulations; medical program, and so illegal reports from the Primorske novice website.

In the civil proceedings, Novogorica District Court gave the whole of the constitution of justice and in the definition described, among others, that bids for damages would be given, but not entirely , in the amount according to its; case of evidence.

Relations: for us, this means moral disposition

"After five years of suffering, we have been diagnosed as it is clear that the remedy of the dead person at Šempeter Hospital opposed the rules of his medical, quick and negligent program. We are morally satisfied, or we have already said this from the beginning and we have also been successful all the time. We have also warned all the time that it is not fitting that one experienced scientist working in the department of a pharmacist, and within a year of cure none of the ideas that dealt with the father died "

Primorske novine describes the statement of the daughter of late Polona Petrović.

Crime proceedings are also being held

A criminal anti-Petrović anti-criminal criminal prosecutor also prosecuted in the Novo Brdo district court

Damjan Birtiča,

who was alleged to have had a poor treatment of the patient between June 2012 and May 2013 due to leakage disease of the lungs and overlooking cancer that was dead in late 2013.

The doctor refuses to complain. The Birtic and the Hospital said that the patient was in an unstable situation of situations and unfortunate missions and had acted according to medical tuition. So far, a number of witnesses have been present, and at the end of October, she also spoke among other things

Zlata Remškar,

who prepared an expert idea for Šempeter Hospital and considered that a medical error occurred in their handling.

"There may be a mistake during handling, which does not mean crime"

He said at the beginning of his definition of an expert. He argued that a systematic error occurred in the handling of Petrović.

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