OnePlus 6T vs. Huawei Mate 20 Pro vs. Google Pixel 3 XL


I had the opportunity to go to Vienna, Austria a few weeks ago.

As long as I was there, I did not; I can only help build pictures of the beautiful architecture of their town. I wanted to go deep in with the & # 39; Mode Mode & # 39; at Huawei Mate 20, even though I have asked me to look at the night hunting experience with the three Android devices that will show you; Advertising prominently on the feature, the Mate 20 Pro, the Google Pig 3 (especially the Pixel 3 XL) and OnePlus 6T.

It is important to be aware that NightScape is known as the OnePlus 6T night mode, and it is Night Sight's say to Pixel 3 XLs.

Although I do not tell me what's the best pictures and if I want to open you to make a decision for yourself, I will talk about the expertise that takes pictures of light light.

By Night Mode on Huawei Mate 20 Pro, the user and their subject must still be completely. The phone takes a few fingers because it increases the ISO and its # 39; Clearly corrected for the picture. During these seconds, if you or your subject move the picture, it will seem to be true. This growth was unhappy when he built pictures of buildings with cars driving.

The Pixel 3 XL, on the other hand, requires the user to remain for just one second and most of the work is done in manual work. You can watch Pixel 3 XL slowly to make the picture clearer and more specific. While he was & # 39; photography on the cold streets of Vienna, the Pixel 3 XL was as fast as the whole process was.

Ultimately, the OnePlus 6T will give a few seconds to capture pictures but it is even more time for the photo to be edited. When this happens, however, the machine will be used until the work is done. This also meant to be & # 39; Bringing out many night-night nocturnal photos that were not possible. The feature became more inconvenient that I used to use.

Accordingly, the three phones were appropriate to capture nightclubs. Look at the gallery below and let us know in the additional comments and in our inspection of the textphone you are going to; believe the best work done.

Note that OnePlus 6T dies one day, so it does not have as many photos as the other two devices. I did not change or modify the pictures in any way. In addition, none of these pictures were killed by hand and instead they were produced by the basic camera camera's nighttime camera mode.

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