Yesterday we showed you Oppo Reno and his unusual self-observation. The internet has been "thrown" by people who believe that a selfie will be the same in the future in OnePlus. In recent years all her main innovations had one effect or another replica of the R. series. As the latest Reno series seems to be in place of the final, a new series has not been replaced. The purpose for a selfie-step is reasonable.

That doesn't mean it is true. Once again – for those who have never left UnPlus 7 – the early stage – things are based on issues. Please see below that the default format will look and see as the rest of your mobile phones – especially with Vivo X27.

Something will tell me that Reno will not have many followers. It seems that the device takes a lot of space just to boost you. Similarly, the adoption of Vivo X27 Pro is also wide and has resulted from vitality. We'll see that, when mobile phones reach the market, owners think about their tactics and their practical use.