OnePlus USB-C printing is a special price / quality ratio offering


OnePlus was not a & # 39; first smartphone maker to remove the 3.5mm mobile phone output, and is not specifically known for audio material. But it's up with your new headphones Bullets Type-C, which is connected through USB-C, which offers a good solution.

Mobile phones work with Mac and Windows computers, we can connect to most Android phones, and even work on a new iPad iPad. They only offer 20 inches high price / quality ratioSouth Westerly

Bulletan OnePlus is well-designed and suited for wide range of applicationsPost-Office These are mobile phones of their old school, and we were used when each device had a 3.5 mm device. So we can save ourselves in a sack or pocket and keep us not to cause us to be disturbed.

In addition Bullet offers sound very good. We can use them in public transport from Exhaust the external sound well, or at the office, if we want to make a few minutes to "navigate" mentally.

The Verge journalists, who have tested on the mobile phones, say they are still comfortable Even after a few hours of spending, and it's usually a cheaper problem with cheaper handsets. They write that those Bullets have a warm and enjoyable sound that ensures that the audience is not even more than a problem. Sometimes sounds like monotone, but this is not difficult for everyday use and listening to different types of music. However, there are very low sheilings, which are also satisfied listeners hip-hop musicSouth Westerly

For this price, it is hard to record ear-tears for Bullets OnePlus. The basic cable, without a thread is particularly fortified, but it seems to be relatively stable. Including микрофон for telephone calls, buttons to guide the measure and the other, and even DACThe Post-DAC is a transceiver from digital to audio analog, which provides better sound quality.

These handheld devices can be purchased at OnePlus Website for its price 19.95 EURThey are only available in black. There is also a wireless turning, which costs € 69.99.

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