OnePlus will convert a new 6T by McLaren


The co-operation between telephones and cars brands is becoming more popular, we saw Huawei with Porsche and Oppo along with Lamborghini, well, this Chinese tour is another, Link to the relationship with car brands.

Among these alliances OnePlus has joined McLaren, who is launching a new version of the One Plus 6T McLaren. Those who are present December 11th at the McLaren Technology Center in the United Kingdom, where An exhibition of the OnePlus partnership and the sports car brand.

The event will be named after that "Sailing to Speed", who will show this 6T McLaren show, and a final signature to & # 39; This One Alliance, where OnePlus is part of the trustees within brand cars.

Zak Brown, Chief Executive of McLaren Racing, he considered this union with OnePlus, and marked the sharing of "speed and power" values, Every day struggle to offer it in all their cars. Also This affiliate is a # 39; means "Strong proof of ambitions for opening new roads with innovative ideas, thanks to technology".

So we can not wait to do this December 11, where we can learn a better version and OnePlus 6T special.

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