Online loan companies are expected to grow in 2019 after a year of non-sustainability – Télam


Salvador Calogero, a representative in Argentina on the Vivus Fintech.

Salvador Calogero, a representative in Argentina on the Vivus Fintech.

The subscriber who offers online loans that was registered this year is & # 39; increasing, but they remain aware of their offers for their economic balance and more concern, long & as they expect improvement in next year and are proposing to launch new products.

"One is going down or accelerated by the macroeconomics and we see a hazard as a fundamental context," said Ezequiel Weisstaub, CEO and co-founder of Credicuotas, a member of the BIND Group.

"We believe there is a brilliant opportunity for financial technology in Argentina," he said in a meeting with the media.

Credicuotas is expected to abandon her customers' site by 2019 and her portfolio portfolio grew 7 times since 2016.

"We hope that everything will grow when a macro starts to set down, lower levels and give up the doubt about earnings," he said.

On the other hand, Facundo Vázquez, the director of its company and COO said, BIND Group, "the emergence of the emergence of the emergence of a crisis, should one person pay late payments in 2001, which did not support him more, at this time we are not close to 2001 ".

With a portfolio of more than 2,000 million pesos, Credicuotas offers personal loans in stores for the purchase of stable goods, with a presence of 2,500 stores; and personal loans online.

Vázquez explained that they are planning new developments such as; Credicuotas payment button that is "ready to go to market and we are doing a business test to launch".

It was a very good year, we grew 90% in loan amount and 60% in volume"

Salvador Caloger, Vivus defender

"I guess we will be in the second quarter of the next year," he said.

Announced Juan Pablo Bruzzo, co-founder of Monte Fintech, told Telam that he was saying, company "has been growing every year by 3 and this year it will grow slightly smaller".

"There is less for the demand but more for care before settling Argentina and to end an understanding if the right economy influences the millennium", he explained.

He said that there was a "crime increase" in the financial system in general, and in the case of Moni lower than in the financial system. "

Bruzzo also commented on his funding: "We launched trust with 100% digital asset and from May, this market has dropped considerably, very few instances of non- sustainability ".

On the other hand, Alberto García, Chief Executive of Crédito Directo, who specialized in consumer loans through shops, chains and motorcycle groups, said: "We see a big break on to spend mid year, as well as systematic increase in base due to the current situation ".

"However, our vision for 2019 is favorable, and we estimate that the service is coming back by the end of its first season."

"For this reason, we are working hard to continue to work with the businesses and agencies, which are our strategic partners, and to launch the our B2C digital platform, aimed at customers who are looking for a fair, simple, competitive and personal choice, "he said. to Telam.

At the same time, Argentina's representative on Vivus, Salvador Calogero, told Telam that "a year was very good, we grew 90% in the amount loans and 60% in size. "

"The demand is very good but we have a macro-economic situation facing rural investors, it's important that they have a sustainable macro-situation," he said.

He said that "a" "company continues to add a lot to the local work and at present it gives 12,000 pesos to 30 days but In March / April we are thinking of launching quotes, as we are committed to improving the situation. "

"We have more demand because other channels are closed, players have a tender for interest rates, Vivus has a real asset from the overseas shareholders," he said.

He said that "it is expected that next year's development" and saying they "work" will create more partners so that we can support us to be related to long-term user, such as pre-preparation and insurance ".

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