Online Policies – Student with an average of 10 at the Disciplinary Board


On Tuesday, Belgrade's Department of Economics began a disciplinary style, the first of its kind, which started with Danica Popovic, a professor of that faculty, against a student. A student called Aleksandar Jaksic, who has 10 average high-level examinations, has been "suspected" recently at a tribune that Danica Popovic sells "cabinets". Jaksic claims that at Tanjug's first "hearing" at the faculty, the following year can be expected in three weeks, with the repetition again and again to be ready for him. figure of proof that he was like a word without saying – Danica Popovic "selling tests in the cabinet". Jaksic said at that gathering he said: "And the generations, students were telling you publicly that you had set the cabinet levels for it, without an exam date, without letting it go," he said. who are just the honest students, "he said to the student, that he was immediately able to say he was not, because he had never seen him. "If I have seen you, I would tell you, the authorities of the faculties and the University," said Jaksic. He told his professor that he was a "very few people," and that our society had great problems, for he is less confident to allow people like Danica Popovic to have because it's a minority, just as he said, it was a very low part.

Jaksic said he would not be afraid and would challenge his personal opinion. He asked the committee what sort of person he would be if he didn't answer in a situation where someone, at a panel at the Faculty of Economics, told us we need the crimes identify the Srebrenica to be academic qualifications. "Or, when someone says, when we see the appearance of Serbia's president, we don't know how anyone could vote for him," said Jaksic.

Professor Popovic argued that it was not right that Jaksic said she was “selling trials,” and she said when she said she asked him to listen to “who is she,” she said. and how to sell the exams ”. Professor Popovic's legal representatives have said that everyone is responsible for what he says, but also if he releases the words of someone else who is not true. Professor usually asks Jaksic to leave the survey, and members of the commission said that this was only possible when someone was put in a threat of life, and this is not the case.

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