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November 22, 2018 – In the coming year, a world of advanced threats (APT) will be divided into two groups. The first is unfamiliar, well-known, well-known and desirable. participating in the game, and others are the most well-regarded traditional, most popular assault. As Kaspersky Lab commented on the targeted threats for 2019, compiled in the 2019 Market Problem Index, the second group is a major challenge for businesses. He knew
creators' risk explores new assaulting techniques that can be used; It is becoming increasingly progressive that will be much more difficult to find and identify the person involved.

Annual online threat projections were designed by Kaspersky Lab experts based on their knowledge and knowledge over the years, as well as the strategies of targeted threats that were developed by the Global Research team and Team Analysis). Scenes, along with a series of business and technological threats strategies, will help some of the most interdependent departments understand and understand; prepared for the security challenges
in the next 12 months.

Head of the major permanent permanent risks
Although an online security business is constantly seeking advanced action with government support, attackers will hiding and discharging the radar so that visibility and opportunity can not be discovered. With enough resources, they can expand the tools and their jobs, making it difficult to find attacks and the author.

One of the most likely situations that this new approach will take to use devices that will be used to use the device. Specialize in attack targets that will stress the hardship of network and risk. The new strategy will allow carers to focus on their actions on indirect threats, refers to a network of computers with disease, or to make more aggressive attacks on specific targets.

Amongst the special risks for 2019 include:
The supply chain will hold attacks. One of the most worried attacks that has been used successfully over the last two years. Due to such attacks, companies must consider the number of providers they work together and how they are protected. In 2019 this will still be an effective cause of disease.

There are no manual malware going anywhere. Some dangerous warning campaigns include a moving part, and # 39; Extend the list of possible passions. Although we do not give a great deal of evidence of mobileware that focuses on mobile devices, we can see continuous business and new ways of advanced invaders to get passive devices.

Networks of computers that are enabled on the internet can easily be done at things that can not be done. This may be a continuous warning year after year, that no-one should be underestimated. Networks of computers with diseases in the internet range of things get strength, which will make a significant impact on them in the wrong hands.

In the long run, email alerts aimed at a group or individual and seeking unauthorized access to sensitive information (spear-phishing) are now more important. Data from different attacks on large social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LikedIn or Twitter is now available to everyone on their market. Recent reduction in many data from social network platforms can help invaders to develop their own
success in this attack case.

Soils are at a lasting and lasting risk of vision. Although it turns out that the most ambitious offspring is off the radar, new players will enter the field. The access obstacles have never been so low, with hundreds of very effective tools, retrospective software that has been removed; affecting errors in the computer system, and different frames, all of which are publicly available and anyone can use it. In two parts of the world, these groups grow broader, that is
South East Asia and the Middle East.

Public strikes will be marked by their business. A recent survey of recent attacks, such as Sony Entertainment Network's digital media delivery service, did not attack the US government group, and the National Democratic Committee, raised critical and public awareness of risks to new level. Use and depression can be used to create a wave of ideas, which is part of the justification for world-class diplomatic effects around the world.

"In 2018, the invaders brought forward new issues. Public awareness has expanded, and experienced surveys have been marked by large online works, made as a subject of news releases across the world. This means that there are changes to the on-line landscape, since advanced invaders will seek ways to calmly implement their attacks and and thus increase succession opportunities. This change means that new, large and large jobs are well searched.
unlikely, and at the same time this art will be detected and impacted on attacks to the next level, "announcing Vicente Diaz, a security researcher at Kaspersky Lab.

The statements were forwarded to thank Kaspersky Lab's security services from around the world. Forrester, a research group, is described in its assessment of security knowledge providers as a "strong player" ("Strong player").

The full list of Kaspersky Lab Fruit for 2019 is available on the Secure List website. By linking, you can regenerate your memory and read what Kaspersky Lab experts have identified for a range of permanent threats for 2018.

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