Only 10% and 15% respiratory diseases need antibiotics


Of the total issues of respiratory diseases, only 10% and 15% need antibiotics; However, at least 80% of the time the drugs are ordered is not essential, a specialist said today.

In a statement, José Lorenzo García, a medical director of the Biocodex Mexico laboratory, said that more and more cases of cold, flu, soreness and houses would be more common in the autumn season- winter.

"They usually attend first-level consultation, where they are arranged between 80% and 90% of antibiotic orders, in most cases that are not needed , "he said.

Lorenzo Garcia said that you should be aware that antibiotics can not only cure diseases of basic bacteria, not a common pain or cold pain; originally.

"You should not use antibiotics from a previous time, or the department with someone else, because everyone and medicine are different, only the doctor can decide on size and time," said e.

He said, before taking antibiotics, it is essential to consult the doctor, and not to include these recommendations; Increasing their risk that anyone can protect antibiotic disease.

In the case of people who are properly prescribed antibiotics, he said he is not the ones who eliminating more bacteria is always the best thing, since many of them have a beneficial activity for the organism, which is at risk of a pharmacist's effect.

This is why it is recommended that all antibiotic treatment is accompanied by a & # 39; out surveys.

"This is a living mean concepts found in dairy products and meals, but also in tablets and capsils, which contribute to the care and enhancement of non-religious mybobetes and the immersion action, "he said.

But he warned that not all researchers have the same effectiveness as a result of the source. "Because they have been developed from some of the vegetables, 75% of these products are vulnerable to antibiotics," he said.

Finally, he warned him that the continued use of antibiotics, abuse and misuse had benefited from a disorderly disorder, such as diarrhea, to global public health problems such as a trajectory.

"That's why a responsible measure is a priority today," the scientist decided.

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