Only with a Monday rise, which already won the dollar in performance to the established terms


The dollar woke up this Monday after a period of one month and a half and only moved the exchange rate on the first day of the week and reached for overcoming the performance of the people who have committed a fixed term at the beginning of the month.

The attractive rates of attraction, of almost 50%, were not offered by the most important banks in the financial market as a result of 30-day investments used to "make a degree" in co- The text of the iron dollar, as it was in October.

For any protection that has been converted so that the dimensions are left at a fixed time earlier this month, the banks offered an annual rate of 47.95%. The companies that were built out for the offers were shorter after the Leliq discussions between the Central Bank and the banks began to control the & # 39; financial basis, and gave a high degree of marriage of almost 75%.

So far this November, then, according to the GMA capital investment manager, Nery Persichini, time based 3.46%. In the same period The 8.42% exchange rate rises, which shows that the starter of the month in dollars of the move had a greater benefit in the price of the last few days.

"Since the beginning of November, the dollar has risen from $ 35.8 to $ 38.8 eating back and forth the effective monthly fixed term at a designated 50% annually, "said Federico Furiase, an economist of EcoGo.

For those who had started "early" with established dates, for example, in early October when the pax began an exchange lasted until the last week, the situation is still not affecting on the dollar, but her & her; the gap running more and more.

To give an example, if someone went to a term based in the early October and updated in November, in pesos he received 6.6%. At that time, the value of American money fell by 4.7%. "The dollar revived in the last few days of the past and present week, but before that he lost the race against the level of his sentence, for example in October, the level pHe won the dollar with 19 points"Persichini explained.

The "benefits" of the established terms, between the attractive and wage-up dollar, shown in the figures released Monday with the Central Bank in the Exchange Market Report, in which he showed The purchase price reduced the dollar.

"The large ticket tickets for residents up to $ 2433 million, falling around US $ 400 million in September. With the increase in the number of applicants of around 60,000, the average consumer purchases amounted to 19% falling, at $ 2222 ".

There were very few investments in pesos that were safely from a & # 39; keep their compared to the exchange rate. According to Furiase, "the bundles that settle for Badlar come to a reasonable level and that helps to balance the loss on boosting the dollar . "

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