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After the international oil price hitting a 12-day blacklist last week, it lasted for four years later, especially due to the decline in oil oil recordings and The expected reduction in production by the Petroleum Change Nations (OPEC) Group. But experts believe that OPEC has controlled the raw oil market, and the 2019 leadership and short-term oil prices will be controlled by the US President, Trump, the Russian President Putin and Prince Crown, Mohammed bin Salman.

However, these three are not the same face, but alone.

Julian Lee, a US financial column of the United States, said OPEC members are in trouble, that the United States, Russia and Saudi Arabia have been the forefront of global oil supply. The three countries provide almost 40 million barrels per day, which are head of OPEC.

Not only does the 15 member states have the level of supply provision, but they can increase the product next year.

Oil prices have fallen, and Saudi Arabia said it would cut 500,000 barrels in the day from December and warned other countries that would have been in a hurry. making oil to cut about 1 million barrels per day. It is influencing this cold, but he did not make the trump, but also through Twitter.

In terms of Salman, he still has to sell oil to make money, to support his desire to change the economy of the country. International Financial Assets (IMF) expect Saudi Arabia to pay a price of US $ 73.3 per barrel next year to balance the revenue expenditure. Brent's raw oil prices are currently about $ 8 lower, so Shah's production cuts will be extended for the third year to support the expected oil prices.

However, Salman presents more challenges from Putin and Trump. There is no resolution at & # 39; she still has to cut her; production. Publicly public, the cost of US $ 70 per barrel has to meet the needs of Russia. "

For a Saudi Arabian reduction plan, the continuing rise in US raw oil is more sad than Trump's woman's tweet. The oil work of Texas oil companies in the last 12 years has increased, the same as the total result of OPEC members in Nigeria.

The US Energy Department EIA estimates that the production of Texas oil in April the next year could reach 12 million barrels, six months earlier than expected, and the work is also 1.2 million barrels than expected.

In other words, if the country wants to maintain a balance of supply and an oil market demand in 2019, as well as being able to Trump invasion, Putin is unsuitable and expands the US oil market market risk.

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