OPEC to cut oil cutting by overlapping, slow demand: JBC Energy


The market carefully awaits the outcome of a G-20 meeting when financial leaders meet in Buenos Aires on November 30 and December 1 to negotiate a trade dispute between Washington and Beijing. OPEC directors will gather in Vienna on December 6 to discuss how they will handle the oil yield, water and demand.

"It's the things to do over the small light barrels that come out of the US," said Benigni. "So, for now, OPEC expects or hopes that prices will be lower, and that an application may come back."

Politics adds to & # 39; pressure with US President Donald Trump puts for low oil prices with his tweets and asks OPEC product cuts to increase prices when he / she; group to meet with representatives, & # 39; including Russia, a non-OPEC member and the largest largest producer and exporter.

"It's a question, is Russia ready to cut $ 60?" Benigni said.

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