Opel cuts up to 400 jobs


Vienna. 350 to 400 out of almost 1,200 jobs will be cut in Opel gear in Vienna-Aspern. This tells of the "Kleine Zeitung" in their Thursday issue. Opel's owner, PSA, confirmed the number of cuts which were planned and said they wished to continue to move by the end of the year.

According to the report, staff received this "message of the job" on Tuesday in work advice. "Now begin the detailed discussions with the management team," set out the announcement by Renate Blauensteiner, the Chairman of the Working Council. You do everything to guarantee staff the least "safe future." According to the PSA, there should be a social plan for these workers. .

No work is stopped

As part of Opel's strategic plan, PACE will increase its "efficiency in all production centers," said the PSA Group. In Aspern it is also essential that the person becomes the basis of outsourcing contracts or goods. But this results book runs out. The path meant no target for the plant was expected.

At present, for example, a new production line is being put in place to create “the MB6 6-berth transit for all types of vehicles of the Groupe PSA” from the summer. This should ensure that the area has a "good standard of operational performance". Vienna-Aspern is still at the same production center of Opel in Austria. It ensures that Austria has an involvement in 90% of the newly registered Opel in Europe. (APA)

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