Open 100 per cent for BP, areas – all party lists With an increase in both


Open 100% of MPs vote – all party lists With an increase in both

Open the selection / On March 28, the Thailand Electoral Commission has opened the list of MPs in all 100 political parties.

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Pests Ratana Party, 8,433,137 votes, a list of MPs at 13 seats, Area MP 97 seats
A party for Thailand 7,920,630 votes, not an MP 137 seats
New New Party 6,265,950 Points: List of MPs, 52 seats, 30 MPs.

The Democratic Party 3,947,726 votes, the MPs designate 19 seats, the MPs seats
The landscape party in Thailand. There were 3,732,883 votes. MPs have placed 10 seats in MPs.
The Liberal Party of Thailand 826,530 votes.

Speaking Pattana Thai Thai 782,031 votes. MPs name 4 sets, and 6 MPs in the area
The New Economic Party has 485,664 votes.
The National Party was 485,436 votes, not an MP, a list of MPs, seats 6

Party for Nationality 419,393 votes. MPs have listed five seats.
The Conservative Party in Thailand, 416,324 votes, an MP list, 4 seats, 1 constituency seat
The National Development Party 252,044 votes. MPs list 2 sets, 1 MP area.

Housing Power Party 213,129 votes.
Thailand Forest Conservation Party 136,597 votes MPs give two sets.
Thai Power Party 81,733 votes.

Note … from the informal census account

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