Open inspection of the financial conditions of the marriage of Carlos Gosn to Versailles



The prosecution's office at Nanterre, near Paris, has started an initial inspection to find out what conditions were set for the Carlos Ghosn wedding at the Palace of Versailles in October 2016 to build Monday from a legal source. . An old Renault leader had been given the agreement at the 17th century Human Heritage castle and Grand Trianon, also on the Versailles estate, for his wedding ceremony, a service valued at 50,000 euro; as a result of a security agreement being signed between the public institution and the diamond indicator.

The study, presented to the Headquarters for fighting corruption and financial and fiscal crime (Oclciff), continues on a report to the Renault court in early February.

"It was recognized that the total value of 50,000 euros, under a sponsorship agreement signed with the Palace of Versailles, was set aside for the personal benefit of Mr Adam", promoted by the guarantor ". cars asking for 'check checks'.

The castle proved the information was there, telling that Renault had called for the Cotelle Gallery to be available and Peristyle Grand Trianon for a dinner on 8 October, 2016 ". T

The sponsorship agreement was signed by both partners in June 2016, reaching 2.32 million, with a Renault authority to receive a negotiation of 25% of its sponsorship, in this case € 575,000.

The automaker made a search as part of an internal investigation in November, shortly after Joe was arrested in Japan.

'Carlos Ghosn's strength had reinforced him, as soon as the report reported that the former symbolic leader of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi fellowship had paid “total marriage costs,” recognizing that he was a the room Versailles was used without an invoice. "

Arrested in Tokyo on 19 November, for suspected financial behavior, Carlos Ghosn spent more than 100 days in prison.

It is suspected that it has breached trust and loss of income in the statements to the stock market authorities from 2010 to 2018 and has been involved in houses from 6 March.

Retired as head of Renault of 2005, Jonas retired at the end of January. It was handed over to Nissan and Mitsubishi from the debut show.

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