Open letter to providers index: A global investment campaign wants to stop controversial members


In an open letter, published today in the Financial Times, the Neue Zürcher Zeitung and Le Temps, the nominations were made to representatives from FTSE Russell, Morningstar, MSCI, S & P Dow Jones Innseachan and STOXX and they gave them the help centers to work.

Investments in conflicting armed companies already have a breach of national rules and international customs. But the common features are still included in them. For active investors who are issuing them, this means an additional administrative error compared to the marks of general marks and additional costs. On the other hand, remote browsers do not usually have the option, because most of the strategies are n u00b u200b; overseeing traditional features without closing out.

As a result, investors now use the key indicators of key providers; Helps to provide funding to companies involved in creating conflictive weapons.

It was launched in Switzerland, the initiative is co-ordinated by Swiss Sustainable Finance and has been awarded an international level due to its presence at the PRI Cooperation Platform.

Sabine Döbeli, Head of Sustainable Finance of Switzerland, explains: "Underground enclosures are related to values ​​and established growth status as a new norm for pension funds and other founders. The evidence that our campaign has been able to win the support of so many organizations is a strong indicator for the index providers, and we believe it is a logical reason to showcase the This application is in globally. "

Eric Borremans, CEO of Pictet Asset Management, says: "We believe funding for controversial weapons is not as easy as possible according to international customs, best investment practices and public opinion. Parts are the basis for many active and non-active investment materials; we believe that dispatched armors should be routinely closed. "

Peter Damgaard Jensen, Head of Denmark's Pension Fund, PKA A / S said: "We have represented over 300,000 pensioners, controversial weapons are unsuitable and so we are excluded from the All of our investments. Many index-makers do not share this principle, which makes it difficult for other investors to ensure that they do not contribute to the funding of Contempt of weapons. By joining with other investors from around the world, we can deliver this message, once and for everyone, to & # 39; get the index providers to make contentive weapons from common characters. "


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