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Do you have any such use? Whether you eat or watch TV, do you like to sit at the bottom of the house? Even sitting for hours? Dr. Spinal Nerve reminds that it is not easy to & # 39; sit on a low mountain for a long time to cause vertebrae and lumbar punch to bend back, but also cause unusual in the spine bend; it may take it to pipe to bend, causing back pain and sciatica!

How long is the problem going to & # 39; sit on a low mountain? Expert: & The key is that a & # 39; knee is higher than the amount and the stomach, and it is easy to break the kyphosis.

But why is it easy to bring forward the above problems when you sit down on a low sentence? Zhang Xuanbin, MD, Ph.D., of the American Journal of Chiropractic, said that this is because the activity is sitting on a low base; causing its body to be in position above its & # 39; chrom. If you continue to hold this post for a long time, and do not take account of sitting situations, and # 39; Sit as large as you can, it's easy to go to lumbar otter, and problems such as interdisciplinary disc and pelvic split.

In the long term, it is not easy to find the symptoms that have a backbone, but also because the bone hip is higher than the amount and the neck, which is causing problems such as pelvic tear and disc dose; Even the human intermittent god is bent back and it is split between the windows. As a result of including the lumbar weird legends, a & # 39; leaving uncomfortable sciatica unusual, it can not be assured that it is so heavy.

So, if the situation is permissible, and if you want to sit correctly and well, Dr. Zhang Xuanbin that the public should elect a chair with a chairman and a high level (sitting down and easy to go down on the ground), and remember the principle of rectangle. Having to sit seated is more secure to sit:

▶ Principle of right angle 1:The knees at the calf and mountain link should be perpendicular to 90 degrees.

▶ Principle of right angle 2:The legs are flattened on the ground, and the hole is 90 degrees from the ground and parallel to the slide.

▶ Principle of right angle 3:The back is tied to the back of the city, and the back is kept up to a degree of about 90 to 100 degrees.

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