Open Source in Bandung, Ridwan Kamil Applications for Empower West Java Products


BANDUNG BARAT,– Governor West Java, Ridwan Kamil attends breaking the constitution construction of the Swedish housing stock, Ikea, Thursday (3/28/2019).

The building of these supermarkets is located in the true estate of Kota Baru Parahyangan, Padalarang, West Bandung Regency, West Java.

The owner of the name Emil has called Ikea to power the West Bandung regency as workers.

"I hope Ikea will make sure West Bandung residents get more on as their employees," Emil commented on Thursday afternoon.

Emil also requested that Ikea would power the West Java handicrafts as were sold at the first Ikea store outside Jakarta.

Hopefully, by combining Ikea's Viking designs, West Java can increase the value of merchandise in value.

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“I hope Ikea can display a culture of citizens of West Java, not just selling furniture. One who is not in the Ikea store in Tangerang, in West Java we have a bamboo culture such as the walls of bamboo to rice cooking. "I am sure that the bamboo and the Viking designers will be a good thing," he said.

Emil admitted that he had been a loyal purchaser of Ikea products since 1997. Indeed, 50% of the furniture in the regulator's office currently uses Ikea products.

Moreover, Emil pointed out that Ikea wanted to build a store in the city of Bandung.

However, as he had not found a suitable place, Emil, who was still mayor of Bandung at the time, advised Ikea to visit Kota Baru Parahyangan where Emil was asked to build the Al-Marsh mosque. which is famous for its rounded shape.

“I'm proud to have a new Ikea shop today. I've been there a long time. I look forward to this day as the effort to get out this day has been done since I became a leader. Ikea said it would cost in Bandung, and I offered it at Soekarno-Hatta and Gedebage. Me recommend he also visited Kota Baru Parahyangan in West Bandung, "he said.

Similarly, Patrik Lindvall, President of Director PT Hero Supermarket Tbk as owner holds the Ikea sign in Indonesia, certainly including staff from West Bandung Regency.

“To support the establishment of sources and resource operations, we will have employment opportunities for around 400 vacant posts which could accommodate West Bandung and surrounding communities,” said Patrik.

In addition, Ikea has also been keen to power the crafts community of West Java community.

According to this obedience, this commitment has been made by working in partnership with one of Cirebon's rattan craft centers.

“For the toll products we sell, we also work with the Bandung community,” he said.

The Ikea Bandung store is built on an area of ​​4.4 hectares with a planned building of 35,000 square meters (or nearly 3 times in Bandung Square) with investment around an Rp 1.4 trillion.

Located in Kota Baru Parahyangan, to the west of Bandung, it is expected that the Ikea Bandung store will be completed and open by the end of 2020.

Kompas TV Not only is closure closed, PT Hero's Supermarket is also closing 26 of the shops. Hero Group administration calls strict patterns and patterns of usage of people who are changing into the main reason.

Of the 26 places closed, most were major centers. The Heroes' Association have admitted that the last two years have seen huge sales losses. The giant itself was designed to focus on the lower intermediate level, and the high class Hero. There is also no good sales to be offered, though it is not as bad as Giant.

Of the 26 shops, 25 are major closed premises, and 1. PT Hero is a Hero supermarket which has two Tbk business lines. Gaisgeach and the Giants go into the food line, and Ikea and Guardian are on the food line.

At present, managers are amending its business strategy to maintain its food industry and assess the performance of Giant and Hero's supermarket chains around 160 shops which remain open.

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