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Registration for the "Road to Australia" tennis competition was announced on Monday, November 19, 2018.

Recording for "Road to Australia" Competition for Abdul Rahman Published Harley on 19-11 – 2018 Provision is being held for the third edition of the Australian tour to Australia, organized by Al Jaber Motors, Australian Open Supporter and Rafael Nadal. A competition entry is open at The competition will be hosted at a youth hostel in Jeddah from 29-30 November 2018. It will be First move to Australia for Australian Open in Melbourne. Al-Ittihad Abdulmohsen Hafez's abbey won the first edition of the competition when Faisal Al-Ghamdi won the second edition, where they were Attending the Australian Championship for War II and it is expected that they will see a strong competition this year's competition between the players to win this valuable opportunity for the world's star star. At this time, a member of the board, Mohammed bin Ibrahim al-Jabr, congratulated Rafael Nadel who was an international player based at senior players worldwide and ahead of The time he went to the United Kingdom to play a game under the organization of the Common Authority for Sport. The Reverend Chancellor Turki Al-Sheikh. Al-Jabr explained that the success of the road to Australia in recent years of the interaction of the players and those interested in this game has enabled us to accept the & # 39 ; broadcast every year as we want to support each game, which contributes to a useful spread and diversion of fun in the & # 39; Our societies Post-E said: "Al-Jabbar events are more interested in competitions such as beach balloon, cricket, board tennis and domestic football, and we are very much in & # 39; keeping up with the same approach. Over the next time by setting up 3 * 3 Basketball Competition, which prepares for the middle of the month of December, God is willing Click here to read the stories from her source.

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