Opera Orchestra Orchestra and Experiments and a full art concert


On Opera Sundays Sunday's Sunday evening, a concert was held for the Opera Orchestra Orchestra Orchestras, led by Maestro Ahmed Atef and led by Hazem TayelSouth Westerly

Amongst the program there was an amazing collection of drama by Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Andrea Ryder, Fouad El Zahery, Ali Ismail, Amar El Sharaie and Omar Khairat. Including my life from the newspaper film seller, the Zizi family, His Majesty, the two of the caravan, soft hands, love in Karnak, Karakun in the street, a hero to & # 39; paper, secretary secretary, secretary empire, Shish Kebab Ismail Yassin, Dead killing, which is good.

It was a day-to-day event; where the stage was filled with amazing audiences of Alexandria, especially young people who like to keep concerts liveSouth Westerly

The Opera of Alexandria Orchestra and Opera was set up in the 2004 season 2005 season, and was directed by Jihad Daoud and then Nafin Al Mahmoudi since 2008. The music includes a group of Alexandrian music

The orchestra has participated in many international and local festivals and has made the public a huge successSouth Westerly

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