Operators want an interesting journey to review the dragging of arms for the construction of D4 and R7


Actors say gravel is cut without legal permission from state authorities.

Officials from civilian organizations For our water and Triblava asks the Ministry of Environment (ME) to investigate the creation of gravel fields in the catastrophe of the towns of Tomášov and his / her; Most of Bratislave, which is being implemented to build on the D4 road and the R7 route. Operators say they will have the benefits of legal empowerment of state authorities. At the same time, they fear the dust of groundwater and the threat of drinking water supplies on the Zittau island.

Milan Grozaj of the civil society Triblavino says that the mining in the earthquakes flows up to the water level, which opposes its presence; law.

"MoI should dispose of control and take action to prevent soil contamination," he said. It is expected that the state is declining when the water level of the Danube river is rising. As he says, the water at the bottom and the yoke is rising, and the water is decorated with the Žitný ostrov. Operators also believe that some stones are buried in rubbish.

A Knife has found two land registers, where they have received six earthquakes. "Approximately 1.8 million cubic meters of gravel are harvested, and the damage to the city of Bratislave is approximately 3.5 million euro and Tomasov is about 800,000 euros. Eighty percent of the cost of the goods is to go to & # 39; and 20 per cent for the Environmental Property, "he said. In mid-November, Triblavino's representatives have already put out a criminal complaint with the police in Senci for eggshells.

Water at risk

Annamarie Velič from the civil society For our water, we were enjoying the rod from going to it; Put grain to an open skin broom that gets human infection into the whole body.

"It is also on the island of Žitno where the water is full. You must carry any rubbish from which all the hazardous substances get to the ground and then water quickly in drinking water wells, "she said.

The environmental spokesman Tomáš Ferenčák said that the Volatile Environment Inspectorate can not investigate the decisions of the area mining authority, but on the other hand there is a series of surveys.

"Inspectors in these areas will ensure that they comply with waste legislation and whether this attraction, whether it is legal or illegal, is & # 39 , appearing in the water. When these checks are completed, appropriate steps will be taken or I will turn to the police, "he said.

The Ministry of Transport at the beginning of November for TASR said the builders of the burners construction of D4 and R7. If there is any suspicion of conflicting conflicting proceedings, it is the duty of the relevant authorities to take full responsibility, according to the ministry, and the appropriate authorities carry out their actions already. The company of a company with the head of the Spanish company Cintra, who builds Bratislava off-road, has recently found that the products that have been licensed have been legitimate quality certificates; used for construction, and including the appropriate standards used. TASR questions about protesters who are suspected of being inappropriate from the beginning of November.

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