Opinion: Burnaby's offense on Surrey SkyTrain is a new scandal


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That is a great deal to show that the recent City of Burnaby staff who have given a government's own evaluation of the proposed proposed expansion of Fraser Highway SkyTrain in Surrey, particularly on how It influenced Burnaby.

The report was created following the approval of a town councilor who wanted to inspect the project at the end of November.

This is not said to have the right to look at its home government. project on behalf of its taxpayers, but the statements are quite negative, remote and the ideas made by their home councilors; Provides examples of divisional opposition ideas on many towns in Metro Vancouver is very likely to be shown and going on.

The excitement

Homeworkers are upgraded from LRT to SkyTrain with an estimated cost to Burnaby taxpayers of about $ 48 million or an average annual salary of around $ 10.00 per person.

"The SkyTrain decision to Langley can be based on the desire of a community community instead of technical thinking to create a preliminary position, and to promote the construction of expensive SkyTrain lines in other corridors where it is not proven by the estimated ridership, "a & # 39; reads the report, which suggests that Surrey City Borough should have the responsibility to spend additional costs for its & # 39; the project.

But the illness comes from this special home is rich and think Burnaby has already been delivered with two SkyTrain lines – Expo Line and the Millennium Line – with 11 stations combined within the town boundaries. The 12th station, Burquitlam, could be added because it is just outside the northern border of Coquitlam.

This is the second best channel on SkyTrain, just behind Vancouver.

In addition, the Burnaby taxpayers will be liable for the $ 48 million figure as it is "accepted" LRT technology will be retained for the Surrey Newton project -Guildford that is now called.

At a Monday meeting, a town councilor, Dan Johnson, said: "It's an eyebar with the delay and the change on the way, not to be aware of what has been spent so far [on LRT] and we will cost us in the future and our grandchildren in the future. "

City councilor Colleen Jordan said: "I think it's important that people who are not just about Surrey know that it's all about it because everyone is ; regional transport payments. "

But when was it ever about Surrey?

Divisional tax payers, including southern Fraser residents and businesses that serve a much smaller service, have supported the construction costs and operation of SkyTrain in Burnaby for decades.

Divisional tax payers have secured the benefits of the benefits and benefits of Burnaby's tax revenue benefits from SkyTrain, which includes the SkyTrain catalyst that has led to the creation of the immediate Metrotown areas, Brentwood and the Town Hall Center.

Indeed, for many of the ten years of The Millennium Line, operating costs were under the help of regional tax payers because the system did not adequately draw riding (the original bike roaming completed the Broadening Evergreen and Broadway Expansion by the mid-2000s)

The pursuit of SkyTrain over LRT has always been the creation of a trustworthy, fast, and fully integrated regional divide divisional network. Competition to travel time driving.

The importance of a distorted fully separated system should not be largely due to cycling success with the urban environment of Surrey and Langley car car. Needing to get more people out of their cars and getting into a key priority, and this can not be achieved but with faster transition options.

A slower LRT system was lower than the utopian development ambitions but that was not that achievement.

This is the only home, led by his long-term minister; Previously, saying that Canada Line would never ride enough to commission the cost of its project.

"I've been trying to help this vampire to get blood for a long time. I think there's a tax lending when people get -mach what this is going to cost. You and your children's children will pay for this project for decades, "said Lord Burnaby, Derek Corrigan in 2004, emphasizing the fact that 100,000 runners have never been expected to; come out every day

There were similar scenes among a number of other decision makers in the TransLink Media Board at the time of making a significant contribution to the design of a Canada Line that was not built.

Not only did elected officers not believe in ridership projections, but the projections that were created were largely created. Estimated and depended on external divisional plans that did not account for all of the total growth; happening in Richmond.

If you have a lesson to learn from the department's experience with the Canada Line, it's the extra potential to go to; Describes growth that is designed and not planned. These SkyTrain systems should be built as a permanent 100-year-old infrastructure.

There are more people who travel to Vancouver

The report by its homeworkers also Demonstrating a growing number of people who travel to Vancouver as a result of SkyTrain expansion in southern Fraser.

"The Fraser Highway project would use SkyTrain technology to more people traveling between Surrey and Vancouver, instead of shorter journeys in Surrey and Langley. This would help load passengers on the Line Expo through Burnaby, "reading the report.

"The Expo line would already exist. A preview would be set up to build more expensive SkyTrain technology and increase the capacity of the system."

But this proof seems to be totally out of the large and long-term short-term TransLink investments; plan to update the Expo Line and the Millennium Line.

Over the past 15 years, TransLink moved as many as 293 cars for the New Line Line Line Line Line and the Millennium Line, and # 39; including longer trains and new cars that replace old Marc I's ancient expo-era. Further improvements will be made to the essential infrastructure and stations of SkyTrain.

Within Burnaby, a recent renovation has been made for Metrotown Station, and another development is planned for Brentwood Town Center Station.

The report also eliminates two reasons for SkyTrain as both local and regional services, without the wider West Coast Express rail network in the same way as GO Train no Toronto and Exo.

In addition, the future of Metro Vancouver will be responsible for a better international interlinked move to help deal with housing and labor issues. This sector is relatively tiny, and there is little need to emphasize the boundaries of irregular towns.

Concern about delay in future Burnaby translation projects

It is another concern that their homeworkers have; Explain that the expansion of the Fraser Highway SkyTrain could influence the timeline for future travel projects in Burnaby.

"Burnaby's outstanding projects that have been debated, but not yet funded, are the gondola service between the Way Way SkyTrain station and the Simon Fraser University, and a stronger interim link between Metrotown and Brentwood Town Centers, "the reading of the report.

"For whatever level of funding you need, these projects need to compete with applications for better transit routes across the region."

If fast Fraser travel expeditions in southern France need to remain within the $ 3.5 billion funding envelope – dividing between the second and third levels of the Plan; Master – there should be no disturbance to any projects that will be sent or delivered elsewhere. However, TransLink and Mayors Council still have to secure funding by the two high-level third-level governments.

With regard to the designed Burnaby SFU gondola, it may be easy for the project to respond to the second level or even transit expansion plans. first level. Previous studies with TransLink gave a very good business situation for the gondola, and the estimated cost of $ 150 million to $ 200 million is just a bit of the total cost of $ 2 billion for its first and $ 7.3 billion for the second phase .

The only thing that was needed over the last decade, under the guidance of the company; Previously, the role of the home government as an active volunteer partner for the gondola was the same as Vancouver City's support for expanding Broadway Expansion and the final support of City of Surrey for LRT.

The Burnaby staff report provides an example of the narrow disorder that urban governments tend to work – a problem that is made by local government arrangements that are very widespread on 23 local authorities.


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