Oppo Reno – A strange way of Notch & # 39; to delete!


Oppo Reno

Ok, it is too clear that manufacturers of smartphones struggle to offer original and engaging design. But … and when the final result is exactly the same as it was ?!

Well, it seems that this happened the same, with the new smartphone Oppo Reno!

Strangely, by letting smartphones feature on the internet, fans are different from opinions, but … t Oppo Reno should have the newest system of all time. (So ​​far)

So, as in the picture below, there is a Pop-up & 39 camera; at this smart phone that builds on one side only and is completely uneven.

This is very different from the 2018 brand of the brand. After all, you still remember it Oppo Find X?

After all, Find X is one of the most beautiful and dynamic smartphones ever to be! It includes a modern pop-up street, almost 100% screen, and violent colors.

In the event, one of the shortcomings only on this mobile was the price set.

But back to Oppo Reno, now the brand wants to go into this market with even more … different! This can be a thoughtful move, as everyone wants to see this new design.

In the meantime you can find the act of this act in the video below.

If you are curious about all of this, stay in the news. The leak that this cache is starting to appear!

Unfortunately, we only discovered his design … And so we still have not yet identified the type of technical specification we find.

Also, what are your views on this issue? Do you prefer the standard slide and high standard as you did before? Tell us what you think about your ideas below.


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