Oppo is one of the Asian bands set the European market tends to show a stronger trend after the Xiaomi attack, and 2019 it seems likely that as one of the top years will be seeing what draw the logo makes working outside Asian land.

One of the first cards he plays will be with the Reno line, a new series of buildings that will be on display the next day. 10th April and from those we are very small, we find out more. If recently released, one of these would be the responsibility of releasing the best shot of a total of 10 increases put forward by the company in MWC 2019, now with another t This could be upward, but this feature is very interesting.

Camera front is, again, hidden

From Oppo we already know it wants hide the front camera when they can do it, something they have already seen with Find X and so now they want to repeat a bet with one of the Reno modules. This time, however, the route chosen has been somewhat different.

Photo: Slashleaks.

As you can see in the pictures and filtered video, t the lens is displayed and hidden by forming a moving part hidden in an elevated position of the right side of the ferry terminal, where the front lens and spool are positioned. This would not be the model that introduces the previously-named strain, as the rear part is also open and the third lens in "periscope" form is not applicable.