Oppo Reno is the latest camera that can ever be withdrawn and cools ventilation (refreshed).


Nicola Ligas

Oppo Reno it is likely to be one of the most exciting smartphones for the Chinese company. We have already recognized that the logo will be one of the strongest points, but we know that the front face t smallest. Then think of a logic for a man camera a disappearing, as appears well at Oppo – Vivo – OnePlus, but maybe no one has thought of a camera like this.

In fact, that device makes reasonable re-routing of the mobile phone within a case, that seems to be a fairly original one.level camera“(If you had a better explanation we are all the ears), of course with motor, which rise directly on one side. We will not see any real benefits; it's probably a question of originality and design. Notice amongst other things that he is listening and the door C-Type in basto, just for perfection.

Cautions but with important information: not a smart phone; No, Oppo Reno, was a new man family smartphones. The publication should be available two modules, and the one below should be one of these, but we don't know which one is. In fact, it seems that Oppo is packing both middle and medium Snapdragon 710, what roof is it with Snapdragon 855. The final system should include a system cooling with copper pipes, simply for repeating the focus of Oppo's focus on achievement.

He doesn't even say that the design of the two phones is very similar. The module above mentioned a motto, on screen HD + full-level 6.65 with three cameras behind (48 + 13+ 8 megapixels), one of the periscope, for an unforgettable siege. The camera should take 16 megapixels.

The module with Snapdragon 710 should always be a "full HD + HD", with two cameras in the background (48 + 5 megapixel) and a face 16 megapixel, and a comment about a man. It may be 5G different.

The grille has a lot of meat, but one thing is sure: the Oppo is very horrible to Reno, and as a line that comes to Italy too, we will follow that with a particular focus. What does this plan mean?


It's not even time to publish the images, which also comes with a short video that confirms the case triangular camera models. Notably, there is nothing to say.

Turn: Slashleaks, GizmoChina

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