Opponents of the Triathlon will be involved in the aftermath of thanks to First Nations campaigners for donations t


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau criticizes people for responding to campaigners in the First Nations at a major Liberal Party campaign, in which he thanked the campaigners for their financial resistance after stopping poisoning. mercury in the local water supply.

“Thank you very much for your contribution tonight, I understand the gift of the Liberal Party to Canada very much,” I greatly appreciate it. Trudeau commented in a video that he sent to Twitter.

Trudeau's ideas were in response to Grassy Narrows First Nation campaigners, who have been suffering from health risks for years, due to a huge concentration of living in the English-Wabigoon river system.

Members opposed parliament and political commentators quickly on Twitter on Thursday, with Conservative MP Michelle Rempell calling Trudeau “smug” and “silent. ”

Trudeau has long been establishing their government as being aware of First Nations issues and it has been said that Canada must negotiate with its serious crime in the past t Native American people.

The Prime Minister shifted his ideas quickly after he gave the view, saying immediately that the Liberal Party is “packed with different views and different views and we are revealing all of them, and our a commitment to determination remains strong and committed… ” t

The video Trudeau showed a speech at a Laurier Club event at the Omni King Edward Omni Hotel. Laurier fundraising events include Liberal Party supporters who have to pay $ 1,500 to attend.

Freshwater Members First Nation has been talking out with a continuing health crisis in the community. A December report found that mercury poisoning of the local river system caused a number of health problems for young people in the community, particularly pregnant women, including anemia and attention deficit disorder.

The narrows are located approximately 100 kilometers north of Kenora, Ont. A fed river from the community had allowed the flow into the river in the 70s and 80s, leaving a squeeze of money above the local water supply.

The Ontario government has promised $ 85 million to clear the river system, and Ottawa has announced that it will fund a waste water treatment plant to lower levels of livelihood and other pollutants.

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