Oprah Winfrey thanks to fans after his mother's death on Thanksgiving


Oprah Winfrey has thanked the fans for the "sheep words" after her mother, Vernita Lee, died at the age of 83.

Winfrey presented an Instagram on her own and her family gathering mother.

She said: "Thank you all for your words and expressions about passing my mother Vernita Lee. It is a great comfort for our family to be aware that She lives and is now at Sìth. "

A family spokeswoman said Lee had died at her house in Milwaukee on November 22, the same day with Thanksgiving, and private burial services had already been held.

No other information was provided.

Vernita Lee was a teenager when she caught Winfrey in 1954.

The future biller lived with her grandmother until she was six before moving to Milwaukee to go with her mother who worked as a servant.

Lee appeared on her daughter's show in 1990, restoring herself.

There is another girl, Patricia Amanda, and still four cousins ​​alive. She had two other children, Jeffrey and Patricia, who had previously died.

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