Oprah Winfrey's mother dies at age 83


Vernita Lee, the mother of Oprah Winfrey, Thursday Thursday, aged 22, died at 83. The family confirmed the information to the TMZ website, but did not reveal the purpose of their death.

Vernita was born in 1935 and Oprah was 19 years of age in 1954. At that time, she was a servant in another state and she could not raise her daughter, so her grandmother was responsible for education up to six years old when Oprah was living with a mother. There were also two other Vernita children. Patricia was used when she was still a child, after meeting with Oprah in 2010. Jeffrey died in 1989 because of AIDS.

In 1990, the television host invited her mother to take part in her talk show. So far, they had been in troubled relationships because of their long-standing youth. Coherence between the two began to grow better and Oprah began to start; Helping her mother financially.

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