"Optimumspetsdetal" did not provide views to the Kharkov Armored Center, which was owned by the Ministry of Defense – Sytnik.


The head of the National Anti-Corruption Center, Artyom Sytnik, said there had been errors in a journalistic study of the “Our Work Denis Bigus” program. The statement was the company Optimumspetsdetal, which acted as Nashi Groshey journalists in connection with the first Security and National Security Council's first secretary, Oleg Gladkovsky, who was left from the fantastic list. T .

National Anti-Corruption Bureau director Artyom Sytnik said the Optimumspetsdetal company, the company that owns the work to Our Pennies by the then assistant secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, Oleg Gladkovsky, did not have Defense Ministry scopes. in Ukraine. He published this on 12 March in a comment published by the bureau's media service.

NABU audited a number of companies to be involved in the provision of views for the Kharkov Armored Plate, owned by the Ministry of Defense in Ukraine, says Sytnik. These products included Optimumspetsdetal, which featured in “Our groszy” survey.

Sytnik said that the state campaign Ukroboronprom had four requests to NABU and that they had not received four responses in this case. In three of the four board boards responded OptimumSpetsdetal it therefore sets out in a outcome framework. In the second letter of this company not.

According to the head of NABU, it was related to the information established in the framework of criminal proceedings. The study concluded that OptimumSpetsdetal and a further three companies surveyed by NABU did not provide a scene for the Ministry of Defense Kharkiv Center.

On this letter, Groszha journalists pressed us on the last part of the Ukraine's defense study of the Ukraine, he noted.

"In response to this request, only those initiatives that have been reported as having the same missions, which are recorded by the Ministry of Defense, were only noted." clarifies the director of the bureau.

According to Sytnik, in the press investigation there were errors, and the statement that the company was incised OptimumSpetsdetal which is kept out of an accurate list, there is a change.

“We don't have such a list and we won't have these powers,” said the head of NABU.


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Sytnik also confirmed that NABU non-attached agent Yevgeny Shevchenko, who gave the “Gladkovsky group” to dmitry Dmitry Litvinenko, entered the “Gladkovsky” group, according to the Nashi Groshey study.

“This is the person who has agreed to secret confidentiality with NABU in individual cases. This is all done within the legal framework, "he said.

Between February 25 and March 11, 2019, Our Failts by Denis Bigusom announced a multi-faceted program of inquiry into the Ukraine defense field. According to journalists, those involved in the scheme won at least 250 million UAH, buying spare parts for military equipment in Russia through gas companies and selling them to Ukroboronprom factories with two or four times more expensive . Opt Optspspetsdetal is one of these "pads".

Journalists said that their Armored Kharkov Planning was buying three-dimensional previews from Optimumspetsdetali. According to the survey, the "second letter", signed by the first deputy director of NABU Guizo Uglava, was named by Sytnik spending the 13 million UAH defense budget. In this letter, as told by journalists, OptimumSpetsdetal appeared from the list of “providers with poor activity”.

On the 6th of March, the Attorney General's Office in Ukraine reported a suspicion on the part of the company Andrei Rogoze that they were paying tax on 26.6 million. Already, former lawyer Yury Lutsenko said the study on Optimumspetsdetali had reached the final, and argued that Rogoze and two other production numbers were under suspicion in 2018 to. might there be a fraud.

Authors of the program called Shevchenko as a partner in the guests and investor in the “schema schematic defense”. According to the journalist research, it was a mediator between the NABU and the "Gladkovsky group" in aspects of smashing smuggled parts to the defense campaigns in Ukraine.

Shevchenko admitted that he was involved in supplying spinal parts to Ukroboronprom factories, but he refused to discuss in detail his connections with the defenders in the investigation of corruption defense, saying he was " getting Gladkovsky Sr. ".

The Scottish Procurator Fiscal Yuriy Lutsenko has called Shevchenko among those who could help with issuing certificates without showing features of legitimacy in the activity of the companies involved. in the case of Ukroboronprom.

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