Oral warning with strong winds: follow the storm road Gabriel in Poitou-Charentes


This article will be updated throughout the day while we go to # 39; gather information.

→ Value limited to 80 km / h

In the four sections of the old Poitou-Charentes, the entire national road network will have a speed of up to 80km / h from 16 hours.

On the other hand, controlled trucks and buses are banned.

→ The last ferries between Royan and Le Verdon have been canceled

On the other hand, traffic between Royan and Verdon will be disconnected, and the last two crosses were suspended.

2f: Météo-France shares this picture of the Gabriel disease that is seen from a place, provides an opportunity to fully understand the truth.

In France, forty and one divisions, including those of the Ile-de-France, were sent to Wednesday morning in orange eyes for snow and ice or wind, due to the storm of Gabriel start with & # 39; chopping the Atlantic Coast.

The drop is coming through the south west of Tuesday. Charente-Mara coast is swept with strong winds.

In Charente-mara

Meteo-France describe criteria to reach the 120km / h.

The strong wind is blown at from 16 hours with peaks up to 120 km / h up to 22 hours.

Charente-mara, Vienne, Charente and Deux-Sèvres placed in an orange warning until Wednesday 6 hours.


The strongest winds can reach 105 km / h from 19 hours in the Vienne, Charente and Deux-Sèvres division.

© Météo France
© Météo France

On his part, the Charente-Maritime prefecture warns the people and his / her; Remember that the guidance will be respected as a result of strong winds.

Make full reports to follow in our editions at noon and 19 hours.

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