Orange money pulled into justice


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Once, partners get hold of the big money they move through Malian justice. Thousands of Malians' hopes here come out of his shoulders on the right hand, just to the right.

The Orange Money debate and some of his partners will be decided by the Bamako Commercial Court. An objection was lodged with this guidance by fellow victims. Following on from this call from the conference, Orange-Money, which is clearly represented by its advice, must appear on Wednesday 27 March.

Our sources report that the facts on termination of contracts with some of the company's partners have been in place, after over 6 years of partnership. Orange-Money would like to reduce the number of masters. But, where the rub is, losing victims, it is that the company sent the magistrates to the sales that they had to disperse to others of its choice.

According to the victims' statement, it was the network that had to be removed from the Orange-Money journey, and not from the master. This means that we are no longer wholesalers, but these sales centers are still effective; it was awarded to other masters called Orange-Money who want to work, oppose our interviewees. In this case, they are determined by the company to terminate, in principle, the entire contract, not the master. 'They must not have sheep as we have,' to appeal to the victims.

Orange-Mali is thought to have mismanaged the way they break their property, without prior notice, without deciding any court, but specifically the law regarding the protection of personal data. . Do these items not belong to theft or piracy activities of personal accounts of partners? Anyway, it is up to the judge to say the law.

It is disappointing, therefore, that a company which identifies itself as a “citizen” is able to steal scarce resources from its partners.

According to other sources that are well known, through the "unusual" termination contract, over 1000 people will be unemployed, especially young graduates who want to meet.

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Tienfing Kanté

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Mamadou Makadji

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