Order a young jacket to steal a gold shop in Quang Nam


Armed forces prevent the situation to investigate the purpose.

According to the information from Dang Ban's Police, Quang Nam Department, the robber was held around 18: 20pm on 19/11. Young men with masks of Sirius's car running had stopped the gold shop of Kim Dung II in the ward of Dien Ngoc.

Do not hit her & # 39; button to quit her belt
Many strange people come to see.

After stopping, the young men are in the & # 39; shop wanted gold. Suddenly, the hammer hit the glass thing and escaped out of the gold in the uncomfortable shopkeeper. Some of the witnesses said they saw a young man with a black cloth, mask and helmet in the robber's shop. After the thing was to break the glass to steal the gold and then run away, they heard gold shop owners, and then the young man jumped on her; cycling before setting up his shop and Hoi fled home.

Do not hit her & # 39; button to quit her belt
Gold Dude Kim Dung II, where the robber met.

At this time, the hammer was still in the broken glass case. The gold stack of gold gold Kim Dung II was not specified. Dien Ban Police Police, Quang Nam province to carry out field tests to investigate and capture the item. The event caused many spectacular people on road and local road surveys, causing traffic strands in front of Dien Nam – Dien Nam Business Park.

Hoai Nam / VOV-Central

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