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Visits to the pages fell

Visits to the pages fell
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ORF.at says goodbye to Facebook. April will be set "on the administration request of ORF while reorganization has revealed ORF Facebook."

On 5 December 2017, ORF.at appears on Facebook. On 1st April, the ORF application will be advertised on reorganization ORF Facebook, the Geschäftsfühung Thursday said.

As an argument to end the Facebook look, among other things, the staging is on the platform until the decline in access to the media company is.

Large range below

"In the spring of 2018, many news site operators complained that they were having a big reduction on Facebook. And the reach that Facebook means means that users never see a posting in the line. It's a very different subject and whether or not it is clicked on, "writes the ORF."

More recently, Facebook numbers have reported, according to their own data, the average range of postage, which is equivalent to 16 per cent of writers.

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