Organic donation has dropped by 33% during 2018


After recalling a Repeat Day a few days ago, the Ministry of Health (Minsal) reported on Current complex situation of organ donation in Chile.

In the last year, there are only 106 people to give their organs, a figure that's a? compared to that that was recorded in the same time last year (159 people).

Looking at this situation, the degree of repercussions has fallen sharplyOut of the 267 surgical surgery that was carried out in 2017, 189 was completed this year, according to the report by La Tercera newspaper.

Assistant Sub-secretary of the Assistance Network, Luis Castillo This reduction is related to the Director's office idea, a founding organism in 2017 that medical researchers can not consult with relatives who are registered as non-contributors.

"Controller's control was identified, for example, in the average of eight donors per month for the period of January August 2018, compared to the average donors 12 to 13, each month, between July 2016 and December 2017."Castillo explains that way.

To change this situation, the messenger is confirming it "we have reorganized the supply units to find out, in the early future, the potential contributions and thus increase the level of effective contribution, through an active control plan with the National Coordination, in conjunction with the Seremi. In addition, the issue of remit is already part of the regulatory responsibilities of officers. "

At the same time, he says that a bill has been sent to Congress to change the Transplant Law "Those registered as default of their position must be disallowed and that the family can not be introduced in a way of life, so to clarify the situation of the deceased person on subject, which, if agreed, could mean, as has happened to other countries, an increase of up to 80% in the country's contribution level; at present ".

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