Organizations work to implement conservation license plates in Newfoundland and Local Labrador. News


If the government is willing, residents in this continent may have a & # 39; using their licensing planes to support conservation efforts.

The Canadian chapter of the Parks and Canadian Wilderness Association (C-PAWS-NL) is a guide to; Fee on the implementation of conservation license plates – a voluntary program in which residents pay a small fee license for a special permit plate with plants or animals that are a native department.

The money raised would be distributed annually to conservation organizations.

It is a program that has succeeded in many other sovereignty for a while.

Last year, a New Brunswick-like program included $ 380,000 from 55,000 conservation plans. This division has created nearly $ 4 million for conservation organizations since 1998 through a license plate program.

"It's a campaign that works, so it's a kind of anybody," said C-PAWS-NL, conservation co-ordinator, Kathy Unger.

"It will create or at least retain people in their jobs, and it will benefit many areas of the environment, not just one particular species or just one part of the section – it can be quite accessible. "

A year ago, Unger thought about trying to implement a program in Newfoundland and Labrador. Since then, she has received 20 letters of support from environmental organizations throughout the area.

Kathy Unger is a conservation co-ordinator with Canadian Parks and the Wilderness Society - Newfoundland and Labrador.
Kathy Unger is a conservation co-ordinator with Canadian Parks and the Wilderness Society – Newfoundland and Labrador.

Unger has also received support from at least one key traders in the Capital Auto Group department.

"We were very pleased when C-PAWS gave us this idea at Subaru Capital because the subaru brand is a great focus on happiness and respect for nature," said Matt Kelland, marketing director for Capital Auto Group, post -d to The Telegram.

"We recognize that such projects have proved to be a great success in other parts of Canada and we are confident that we see a licensing plate program that appears here in the & # 39; which we can provide over all the Auto Auto Group transactions. "

The disaster attempts to get audiences by the government of the department.

"It's been almost just a year," Listen to my opinion, "said Unger.

However, she said the department would not have been "blind in."

"The big increase for this program has been done in many other places."

Through searching, she received advice from organizations in New Brunswick and her Prince's Island on how the programs work there.

Powerful visual account

Unger said that the licensing plates would also make a powerful visual statement, and # 39; emphasizing the provincial commitment of its valuable natural heritage.

It may also be possible to access the public about the funny species you would like to see on the plates.

"It may have been a puffin, or a pigeon, or whale, or caribou plant – we have special species in the continent."

Logically, funding from the conservation records would be managed by a voluntary conservation property committee made up of native speakers, hunting, fishing, fishing, catching, naturalist and conservation interests.

Unger said there are more than 55 environmental groups with a wide range of projects going across the continent that could help the support funds.

Many of these organizations are currently struggling to get funding.

"There are not many direct projects that have been taken out," she said.

"Lots of smaller environment organizations … just sorts of damage because there is no permanent funding to apply to year after year.

"We have many of our small groups, and we have different strengths, but no single group is going to solve all the problems. This committee would give the money from these conservation records and distributing them. "

The next step is getting a meeting with local government representatives.

"I just need the right listeners to submit this information, and I think everyone who has seen it so far has I'm really excited, so I hope that decision makers are also really right, "said Unger," green light will get as fast as possible ".

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