Osiptel: Telefónica will be set free of charge in a fixed telephony, from time to time? | Economy


Changes in the telephony service are based. Moving telephony upgrades have come to fruition – from 2009 – there is a stop link to & # 39; grow, Stagnating in three million lines.

Due to this situation, the regulator gave a regulatory recommendation – which was discussed yesterday on Friday in a public hearing – which seeks eliminate the tariff management in the telephony based service, so that the companies can set their prices freely. So, by giving the green light to this rule, Telefona, together with other based telephony operators, is able to set their prices free of charge.

At present, television rates are set up in section I services (monthly rent, call for additional shorts, long distance and payment fee) and fixed loads to move are managed under formula for highest levels .

"Under this device, what is being done is to be a factor, this is the Factor of Performance (factor X), to remove the inflation and the That difference is determined to determine the rate of rate change that would normally have to be achieved based on fixed television rates, "he said Manual.pe General Manager Osiptel, Sergio Cifuentes. (See box)

Telephony's cost is based on falling dramatically since 2001 as a result of the implementation of this device, Cifuentes added. "Prices are relatively low already, because most marketers – Nearly 90% of users – and pay less than S / 30 "he said.

However, the low price of the service did not promote more traffic (the use of a fixed telephony service) added that the importance of this section in reducing the revenue of the department was reduced to great because of its A strong mobile phone competition (See box)

" The idea that it is no longer than free telephony operators are free to set their prices freely, as is the mobile telephony market "he said.

Cifuentes will clarify if this devolution is agreed – registered for March, some defenses have been established.

"If devolution is allowed, Osiptel will continue to monitor the rates of the company; implemented . If at any time, the regulator will identify that there is a negative abuse of the market displayed in an unsuitable tariff increase, we have the tools to buy the repository device (of the the highest standards), "he said.

The Osiptel manager said that the devolution has a key objective to market-based telephony market, with a view to encouraging competition as the mobile phone service takes place.

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